Valentine’s, Cats, Clones and Wine!

There are many ways to spend a Valentine’s Day. Of course there’s spending a few hours in a bubble bath with with a bottle of wine and significant-other person. That’s always a great idea.

…Or you could make a Valentine’s Day special with your imaginary cat friends?

Yes. Yes you can. Well, I can… and I did…

Happy ValKilmer-Times Day!


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Don’t Look at ME! …But also Look.

Often in life we find that our biggest fear and biggest dream are the same thing. The best example is dreaming of a big win, while dreading an even bigger loss. It’s the ever present paradox of humanity. Everything is embarrassing if you look at it from the right angle.

Pepsi is an amazingly popular soda-dream of Mr. Pepsi. But from the right perspective, it could have been seen as just thick black sugar water. Which might get him run out of town for trying to sell something weird to people. Clearly they tried anyway.

We normally record our show with no cameras. Except, we just filmed our first video podcast that you can watch…. with your eyes. There’s nothing more terrifying/embarrassing than making your own show. Therefore it must be a dream to make shows.

So we do.

Please don’t watch it.

Even more embarrassing? Well there’s more than one show that I would rather you never looked at… while also hoping everyone looks at it. Paradoxes are hard.

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NSTAGU150: Reverse Murder

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NSTAGU150: Reverse Murder

This Week we talk about Nuts and gratification. The frozen world and prepping versus hoarding. More Ukulele fun and improvised hilarity! What if A game show host ran a country. Hoarders that don’t know they hoard. Flushing in the apocalypse. And more Dog breathing. Stop motion Club. #Power #howitworks #Ukulele #goodperson #hoarding Watch Morning Everybody

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2016/2017 the Poem.

Bathroom poem.jpg

Don’t wait for 2018

NSTAGU147: Just do it 2017!


This Week we talk about deciding to sit forever. Dear 2016 you’re too exclusive! Just do it in 2017. Too many possibilities and getting out of your rut with Inspirational hoarders. Voices in your head. Theme songs and littlest Hobos.

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Music by Brad Sucks

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#justdoit #dogs #inspiration #ghosts

Speed Inspiration

Sometimes you spend so much time looking for inspiration that you don’t even notice you have been inspiring.

And sometimes an Elephant just falls on you for no reason at all. So yes… dance… Dance like nobody is watching. Because somebody probably IS watching and they need to be inspired to dance like nobody is watching.
Feel free to replace  the word “Dance” with any word/hobby/job and then watch a my show… like nobody is watching.

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Holly Jolly Kissmas (another Classic Christmas Carroll Reduce)

Oh, ho the mistletoe
Hung where you can see
Somebody waits for you
Kiss her once for me

Have a holly, jolly Christmas
And in case you didn’t hear… I said kiss her once, for ME. Make sure you tell her that Burl really wanted her to know that this was from him.

Really tell her. Whisper right in her ear, “Burl wanted you go have this”. Then kiss her, then as you pull away say, “Did you think about our friend Burl during that kiss? Because he’s thinking about you… and he’s looking in that window right now”. Shhhh, don’t leave baby, it’s cold outside. Just stay here where we have kisses… from that guy down the road.

And Oh by golly have a holly jolly Christmas
This year

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