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A Day in the Life of an Artist-Andrew Clark Independent Comic Creator



Andrew Clark is an independent comic creator from Halifax NS who has an unhealthy attraction to donair subs and beer. Check out more of Andrew’s work

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A Day in the Life of an Artist-Tara Audibert Film Maker, Comic Artist & Podcaster

Hi! My name is Tara Audibert, I earn my living as an artist. Welcome to my day!

I have worked in TV animation for more than a decade and am currently working on my own film funded through the Canadian Counsil for the Arts and NBarts entitled “The Importance of Dreaming”. I have taught animation for many years and continue to work as a freelance illustrator & consultant for comics. I co-host the podcast No Such Thing as Grown Ups, and we promote indie artists like ourselves through showcasing A Day in the Life of an Artist. We make funny videos and web series so Subscribe to our Youtube.

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Tara Audibert is an artist, film maker, comic illustrator, consultant, and just a Jill of all Trades. She co-hosts the podcast No Such Thing as Grown Ups with her spouse Curtis Carey from Sunny Corner, NB, Canada where they also make Animations, Finger Puppet Sitcoms, Prepping with Puppets,comics, poetry books, children’s books and so much more!

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The Day In The Life Of An Artist: Jenna-Mae Wilson – Artist Of Many Talents


Hey, I am Jenna-Mae Wilson from Albert Mines, New Brunswick, but I am not currently in Moncton. I am a former Animation and Graphics student from NBCC Miramichi, but I did not graduate due to the fact that I needed to take a break because I had to get better control over my anxiety and depression, plus I had to take care of my hands, wrists, and elbows because I have arthritis, carpel tunnel, and tendinitis. Having all of that is a huge pain in the rear.

At the moment, I am not in the industry, but I am in the process of putting together a portfolio. I want to become a character designer for either shows, or video games. I enjoy doing animations, but I don’t have the equipment, nor the programs to do get any practice.

My inspiration for wanting to get into the Animation industry, or anywhere in art is because of Disney movies. I guess that is what I get for becoming so obsessed with Disney at such a young age, which was at the age of three. All I did from then on was watch movies over and over and over again. I was so fascinated over the fact that animated movies were all done by individual drawings, so when I was old enough to pick up a pencil, and I did from then on was draw, draw, and draw some more.

My day as an artist varies from time to time. It depends on my work schedule since I work at Tim Hortons till I can managed to squeeze my way into a job in the art field. It also depends on how productive I feel, and how motivated I am.

This morning when I woke up, I did not feel motivated at all for some reason, so I started my day off with some breakfast, and some shows that I needed to catch up on.


Breakfast and watching @midnight

After catching up on some shows, I tried to sit down to do some drawings, and hopefully work on some of the characters that I have been working on for my portfolio.


This is one of of the characters that I have been working on. Her name is Heidi, who is a high school student, and a huge nerd. I didn’t manage to get any sketches done of her, but I did manage to get some sketches of another character, who is named Santina.

11116123_10153925492654358_48597636_n 11292754_10153925492639358_240326640_n

Original                                           Redesign

I swear every time I draw something, the style always changes. One of the difficulties that I have when it comes to drawing, is keeping a character in the same style as the previous drawing.

After I got some drawings down, I decided to take a break since my mother called me, and I ended up talking to my cats because I heard them in them meowing in the background, which is all they do. They are VERY vocal.

11273754_10153925541129358_1152489678_n 11259038_10153925541154358_2080166067_n

Fluff                                                    Smores

Yes, I talk to my cats on the phone, and yes they do respond to me when I ask them questions.

I would have talked to my two cats, Milo and Souk, but they are outside cats, and I think that they forgot how to meow.



It looks better then it tasted….

Once I got food into my system, I thought that it was time for me to go back to working on drawings, but this time I was in the mood to draw fan art for some odd reason. I’ve seen a lot of art where people draw Disney Princesses, and put them into the villain’s outfit, so I decided to give it a try.


I started off with Ariel because at the time I had Poor Unfortunate Souls stuck in my head. I ALWAYS have Disney songs stuck in my head. I am eventually going to color this digitally, and add it to my collection that includes



and this


Besides not getting much drawing done all day, I took the time to put together some earrings with the supplies that I got off of eBay. I am planing on making more earrings, and sell them, as well as drawings I do for people on Fiverr, as well as commissions for whoever gets one from me, so I can save up money to go to England because I have a friend over there that I have been talking to for eleven years, and I want to meet him. I am also going to one of the bigger Anime conventions that is held up there.

11289705_10153925492694358_485225230_n 11257671_10153925492679358_2082439335_n

Earring Examples!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of my day was not all that interesting seems how I had to go to work! All I have to say is that even though I am now an adult, I am defiantly not no grown up!!

Jenna-Mae Wilson is currently working her way to get herself into the Art Industry. She enjoys drawing, watching Disney movies, playing video games, writing,  painting, and talking to her friend from England. Besides working on getting a portfolio together, she is in the progress of writing a novel, and hopes to get it published after it is finished. She also does drawing commissions.

You can contact her at for any information for any projects.

A Day In The Life Of An Artist: R. Glenn Atkinson. Canadian Indie Comic Writer


OH! You startled me..

I didn’t see you sitting there reading this…

Since I’ve got your attention though, let me tell you my tale.

My Name is Ryan Glenn Atkinson. I write under R. Glenn Atkinson because my late Grandfather went by B. Glenn Atkinson and I miss the guy.

I’m 21 years old, look a bit closer to 30 in person, act a bit closer to 12 most days. I don’t know my exact height, I assume I’ve stopped getting taller but I just say I’m 5’10” even though I could be anything, really.

I’m from Parrsboro Nova Scotia

main street parrsboro

Moved to Riverview New Brunswick in 2011.

A day in the Life O’ Ryan is pretty simple these days. They normally consist of:

Plenty of Skyrim, reading comics, re-watching Naruto and Doctor Who episodes for the 500000th time, lots of procrastinating and copious amounts of re-writing dialogue because I’m never satisfied.

I am the writer of Moncton local indie comic “Duality: What We Become”. We are in the process now of holding our very first Indiegogo campaign to help get this book released. You better hurry and get that package you didn’t even know you wanted until now!

Ahem.. Sorry about that. I don’t know what came over me.

Where was I..

OH yes!

A day in the life of Me.

Well today is a little bit different than most days. Instead of just sitting down, enjoying an oscillating fan and long walks to the fridge, I have some business to attend to!

First off I got up at the wee, wee hour of 9am then gave up on that after about an hour and slept till 12 noon. I debated on whether to go back to sleep or not, but the sun decided to work with my blinds to conspire against me.

So I got up, did the normal things you do. Showering, getting dressed, stubbing your toe, the usual.

I went over to my dad’s place and saw that my City And Colour poster that I won in a contest (I also do promotion for Dine Alone Records and they do things like that) had arrived in the mail.

ccposter dine alone 1

And then hung out with these two losers for a bit.

2 doggy doggs

Now that Ziggy (Lab) and Buddy (Toller) have let me leave, I’m heading on into the Comic Hunter in Moncton to do that business that I mentioned before.

Comic Hunter Doors

I gave some flyers to the Comic Hunter to hand out with their “Comic News” papers they hand out with purchases. These flyers go to show that I’m truly a writer and not an artist in the literal sense of the word. But they work on getting the word out!


Now that the flyers are out all that’s left for my day is to review my script again to work on the dialogue that I keep insisting isn’t good enough.

Filling in the silence with some NOFX, Black Flag, Dropkick Murphys, Cancer Bats, Alexisonfire and this weird song that I shouldn’t even like because I’m not a fan of that style of music but I can’t stop listening to it. It’s called Memory.

I donno.

I just like it.

Back off about about it, okay?!

So that’s my day! I’m not very exciting but that’s how I do!

So now on to some more shameless self promotion.

Like I mentioned I am the writer for the indie comic book “Duality: What We Become”. The artist is Warren Muzak from Guelph Ontario. We also have an amazing line up of guest artists for the back of the book.

Carmen Cameron out of Halifax is going to do a cover for us as well as a pin up if she has time, Moncton locals Veronick Roy, Kraig Nicol, Andre Boulard, David Coates and Moya Ferrigno will be doing some pin ups for us (Veronick possibly a cover, we shall see on that one 🙂 ) We also have Miramichi artist Missy Hamilton on board. John Gannon from Dayton, Ohio has done a great pin up for us and Anthony Pugh from Brooklyn, New York will be joining us as well. Our special guest artist (Certainly not taking anything away from our already amazing pantheon of artists) is Matt Mehana, lead singer of the experimental metal band I Set My Friends On Fire! He will be contributing a pin up for the final product as well. Here’s some artwork that we have done (not all of course, we’ll keep some for surprises 😉 )

Issac Line Art page 3 colour updated-second-print Jenna Greenwood By John Gannon

So again, you can find our Indiegogo campaign at

We’ve got everything from copies of the book, 8×11 poster prints, t-shirts, variant covers and more!

Including my personal favourite: Have you ever wanted to see yourself in a comic book but didn’t know how to make it happen? This is how! One of our great perks is just that! Have yourself drawn into the book as a main character for the series, they will be given your first name and we will provide you with a list of available powers to choose from!

You can find us on Facebook at:

And on Twitter at:

And I just wanted to say:
To anyone who is thinking of writing something more than just for yourself, be it comic books, trying to get a poem published, song-writing, or even one of those guys who writes the illegible ingredient lists on the back of Doritos. Do it. It’s hard work. Some days are easier than anything you’ll do in your life, but some are the hardest days you’ll ever experience. But they’re all worth it. You don’t need a bunch of university training to make your dreams happen, I barely graduated high school, but if you’re willing to put the work in, and leave your heart out on the page and take chances, you’ll do just fine.

The only things you need are a great work ethic, passion about your craft, and a little imagination.

And that goes for any other art form too! Write a book, draw something, sculpt scale miniatures of your high school teachers! Just put your heart into it!

Thanks to No Such Thing As Grown Ups for having me! I look forward to maybe working with them again some day. Check out their line up of great podcasts, they also have books and things, maybe commission Tara or Curtis to draw you something, I will be when I have more than 0$!

Ryan is a simple man. He enjoys the simple things in life like comic books and all things geekdom. His passion is writing stories for people to enjoy. When not spending time enjoying anime and fantasy shows/movies or completing his 400th play through of Skyrim, he spends his time writing for his independent comic book Duality: What We Become. Duality focuses on 6 friends as they learn how to deal with their newly discovered powers in the real world.  
After graduating Parrsboro Regional High School, Ryan spent the next couple years working in kitchens from dishwashing to being a cook. In 2013 he broke into the call centre world, in 2015 he left it and never looked back. He attended the 2015 East Coast Comic Expo where he spent his time spending money he doesn’t have and more importantly spending time promoting his book. While helping fellow Moncton comic creator Larry Higgins (Writer/Creator of Nyobi) watch his table while he made his own geeky rounds he made great contacts including the wonderful Tara, who provided the opportunity to be a part of this blog.
If you would like to speak with Ryan about any future projects or would like him to be a part of yours, he can be reached at 

Call for Artists-Share a Day in Your Life

Each week we like to feature A Day in the Life of an Artist and we are currently looking for more artists! If you are an artist of any medium and would like to share your day with our audience, send us an email and we will set it up!

You can present your day in any way you like, photos, video, interpretive dance… it just has to be able to go on our blog. You can link to your artwork and promote anything you like as well, you are the artist so how you think your day should be presented is up to you.

Check out some of our past artists who bravely put our their days:


Emily Stride-Indie Comics Artist


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.09.54 AM

Jon Lambe- 3D Generalist



Caity Hall-Illustrator & Animation Student


Human! You are choking me!
Human! You are choking me!

Shelby Christie-3D Artist



Tharaka Ransinge- Freelance Artist/Animator



Daniel Szilagyi-Artist & VCAD Instructor


2014-04-23 14.41.45 

Eva Blaquiere-Video Game Art Student



Chrissi Harper-Animator



Josie Cable-Rouselle-Carpenter by Day/Animator by Night


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.04.45 AM

Aleksander Kristensen-Animation Student


photo 1 (4)

Amanda Hildeshiem-Animator



Tomas Patlan- Animator

Artists are an elusive bunch, and sometimes misunderstood. We lead very different lives on the outskirts of society only showing finished products of our labors, and so it can be fun to see what it is like for just one day in the life of an artist. Usually informative and interesting, seeing the day through the eyes of an artist is always beautiful!

A Day in the Life of an Artist: Emily Stride Canadian Indie Comic Artist


Watch Emily’s comic process-

When not fussy over action figures or finding the perfect spot for a blanket fort, Emily works on her original urban fantasy comic series “Dawning on You” and her fan comics which mostly involves robots, feels and plot twists.
After graduating from NBCC Miramichi’s Animation and Graphics course-where she met Tara, Curtis and many other amazing artist-she moved back to the Annapolis Valley and dreams of becoming a Storyboard Artist, or a Super hero.
Contact Emily via or though her Deviant Art account

A Day in the Life of an Artist: Jon Lambe, 2D/3D Generalist and Animator.

    So I usually start my days at 8:00 am. Tho I wont bore you with the details of me showering and getting ready. Instead I decided to be creative and make a video of my walk to work. Of note though, is this cute guy, my dog Grizzly. He’s usually my 8am wake-up call..
After arriving at work i check out my email as always. It’s good to know if today’s going to be a nice relaxed work day, or a hectic sudden deadline day. Looks like its going to be a fun day though!
   I have three things on the docket today. Visual development on a prototype were working on, exporting a new skin for an app we had approved recently, and support for a team in California as they hit there Friday GM deadline. IL split my day up into three parts to go through all of this.

-Part one-9am to 11am.

: visual design on ” unnamed prototype”

  I’ve been wrestling with the look of this game for a month or so.  It calls for a city, and lots of little things to help sell the look of that. But where do you start with building a city? Honestly I don’t know.. but after building 3 as tests i think I’ve narrowed down what I kind of look I want, and a decent process to achieve that. As we speak I’m rendering out an ambient occlusion map for another look test I’m going to be showing the art team this week. Tuff stuff as the guys here are very talented, and it’s a great challenge to make something they, as well as myself, can be proud of.
 Shape is a big part of how i work to. Took me years to figure out that one. Shape is key if your building anything in 3D. Sounds simple I know.. But oftentimes in a game the geometry has to be as low as possible, but still maintain a great shape. That in itself is a big challenge. It can look pretty and have fancy maps, but if the shape is bad, then its all bad.

Part 2:
11am to 12:30pm.

– new skin for unnamed app ( its out soon, i just can’t say it here.. N.D.A and all)

So in recent months i built a pipeline for rendering new skins for this particular app. That way if I was suddenly taken off the project anyone can step in and make a new skin. And I mean anyone.

I need a new color for a pack of four skins were selling together. Simple enough, As I have a color layer setup in after effects.. I just change it to the color we want and press render, and BAM! new skin.


mmmmm spicy chicken sandwich..  The picture was so good i ate it to….

The guys around here love to play games during lunch. And i usually check out the new cartoons that aired the night befour. I spent a number of years at an animation studio so i like to see what the industry is pumping out. Sometimes you find the coolest gems. I remember a lunchtime when i first watched the pilot of adventure time on some obscure website, so i keep an eye out for anything new that’s cool and fun.
Part 3
1:30pm to 5 pm
Working for the good folks in the states.

This i really can’t talk about.. sufficed to say I’m just providing art support for any stragglers and things not done for Friday’s deadline. That can often mean rocking into overdrive to get stuff done fast, but maintaining quality.. or just doing one thing all afternoon. Placing barrels for 4 hours etc. Not that that’s what I’m doing.. but pace change can happen quickly. That’s just what I’m trying to say. It’s also a good time to talk about speed.  DO SOME!  haha… Just kidding..

Often I’ve found that speed is key to my daily work. Mostly because I was OCD kid when I was growing up.. but its taken me a long time to strike a balance between quality and speed. In the beginning speed was all I put my stat points into. Ultimately though after working for 9 years in the arts I’ve managed to get my quality level up to my subsonic breakneck pace. That just means finding ways to get the best quality the fastest way possible. Deadlines can be tough, and often what should take months can happen in days, so it boils down to your choices.
Artistically all you’re doing is making choices about how something should look. And eventually a successful piece means you made good choices.  Making good choices fast is the key to decent efficiency. That means trusting yourself. Most times you wont have the answers, but eventually after failing enough, you start to learn how not to fail.
Don’t lament the feeling of failure. Its how you know your growing artistically. Embrace it for what it is. You needing to work harder and grow. That wont ever stop.

A good friend of mine used this analogy, and its one of my favorites: Growing as an artist is like running up a set of stairs in the dark. If you look ahead you can see some stairs in front of you, and some of the ones behind you. But you don’t know how tall the staircase is. Often you feel like its endless… hopeless but that’s right be-four you reach the next way-point. A level up.  Art is often like that. You want to be as good as the people you idealize artistically, but ultimately you don’t know how many stairs there are between you and them.

Doesn’t mean you stop climbing. That’s the key.. Never stop.
No seriously don’t stop… that deadlines was like 4 hours ago and we need this done… YESTERDAY!  GOOD NOW MAKE IT 25% PINKER, AND RESCALE IT BY 13.456567%.  CAPS DENOTES / CONVEYS MY AUTHORITY OVER YOUR SOUL!

Heh… anyways id tell you all about my night, but ultimately you’ve been here long enough.  No one wants to see a time-lapse video of me playing fetch with my dog for like 4 hours.

Cheers and thanks for reading!
Jon is a 9 year veteran of the arts.  Graduating from nbcc Miramichi’s  animation program, Jon worked as a lead animator at the former Fatkat animation studios.  Moving into games in 2010, Jon now has credits in 10 games, including the lead artist title on Kaiju Carnage and the recently featured/number one free game in over 100 country’s, Rad Boarding.
Jon spends most of his time creating 3d art, and animation. Jon is also searching for addition freelance contracts to broaden his resume, and industry experience.
If you’d like to contact Jon for potential freelance opportunity’s or if your a student who has  any questions about the industry,  he can be reached at

A Day in the Life of an Artist : Caity Hall Illustrator and 2D Animation Student


Caity Hall: Illustrator & 2D Animation Student

This is a Day in her life:

Caity Hall is an illustrator who is currently studying in 2D animation in Montreal. She loves comics, cute things and watching too much TV. Check out more of her great illustrations comics & artwork at 

Day in the life of an Artist: Daniel Szilagyi UI Artist & VCAD Instructor


Day in the life of an artist : Daniel Szilagyi

Thanks for stopping by! When I started going to film school one of the things that was really amazing to me was to hear stories of artists I looked up to and how their days were!

I don’t think my day is nearly as exciting as some of those amazing people but hope to give a better glimpse as to what my day looks like time to time!

I work as a UI artist at a smaller tech start up in Vancouver where we work at racing and betting, as well as a freelance artist and part time instructor at VCAD ( Vancouver College of Art & Design )

It all starts here in my room though I get up to get ready most of the time around 8am ( I get up around 7am if I head to life drawing classes at VCAD )


I get up and check my desk ( love the art books and comics ) and then make my way over to the turtle tank to say hi to my turtles ( Fatty and Winnie )



Next it’s time to really wake up and get going with one of the loves of my life…


Mmm pixel hearts


I love to get ready and make sure all my stuff is packed ahead of time so I get my lunch and snacks ready, this time I have water and juices for later plus some good lunch, my headphones for travel music before I’m ready to depart.


The view from my balcony, so I know today ( like most days ) will be a rainy one…better grab my jacket.


View before I lock up and leave ( the painting is my mom’s! )


I hate waiting for the bus sometimes and since I sit most of the day I try and make sure to walk as much as I can, this route takes me about 15mins to get to the train to catch my train downtown to work.


After a train ride, catching another bus across a bridge. I finally can walk to work! this is the view from under the bridge ( Granville Island ) it sounds like a long trip just to get to work but honestly it’s about 45mins from door to door and I don’t live near the core city ( Vancouver )


On the plus side the island has some cool graffiti / Street art every once in a while if you look around, I spotted this guy today.

IMG_20150206_124201 IMG_20150206_124346

Today one of my co-workers at the studio bought in a whole bunch of older Marvel and Image comics original art work signed by the artists from comic cons back in the 80’s in the pics these are done by John Bryne of classic X-Men Fame. I try to share stuff with people who are interested in the same things as me and sometimes I see cool stuff like this and makes the days at the studio fun.


I start my work day by checking my emails to see what’s urgent, if we don’t have a morning meeting or stand up I get to work on my tasks for the day.


I’m doing some webpage design and layout today using photoshop, but other days I might be working on mobile UI assets, UX/wireframes or dealing with contractors, our business is growing and new tasks sometimes come up daily and other days it’s more relaxed.


It’s lunch time! so after eating I like to walk around and get some air, sometimes I go near the pond to see the geese ( the most unCanadian animal ever ) or the turtles and ducks.


Have a pretty good view and thankfully we’re still small but I’m about to end my day, tonight I head over to teach at the school downtown.

I teach character design and next term mobile design and theory.


Finally after teaching class I make my way home from downtown and get ready for the next day.

On nights I don’t teach I usually go home to make some dinner and then relax, draw or work on my freelance work.

That’s it! I’m happy to have shared my day and I hope it’s interesting to someone.

My work can be found at my portfolio

Daniel Szilagyi is an artist living and working in Vancouver BC. He has worked in the TV animation industry since 2006 in several production roles ranging from color, character design, storyboarding, flash builds and 2D digital animation.
He moved into gaming in 2011 and since then has worked for indie game studios and start ups to larger well known local game studios in such roles as art lead, artist, UI/UX designer and digital animator. He currently works at a smaller start up, focusing on wagering and freelance in his spare time for a local studio for 2D assets. He also teaches at VCAD part time.



First of all, I would like to make something clear. Yeah, it is about my name :). My full name is Chaminda Tharaka Ranasinghe and I go by Tharaka which is my middle name. I am an artist/ Animator. As an artist and a human being, everyday is different for me and also I do learn something new each day. This is how my day went on Thursday 26th.






I woke up and said good morning to myself 🙂






Went to the kitchen and made my breakfast.






Ummm.. yes,  I don’t mind to cook. I do make my own lunch every day. Thursday special, rice, onions and carrots. I did add too much pepper but little bit salt. I have been told too much salt is not healthy and i do believe that 🙂

IMG_20150326_063031389 IMG_20150326_071350611









After breakfast it was time for my daily morning workout. I realized I need more exercises for my body as i don’t move too much at work. Therefore i do my exercises at least 30 min every morning while listening to some songs or music tracks 🙂 .

IMG_20150326_073054120_HDR IMG_20150326_073105381_HDR

















Then i had my protein shake smoothie (Protein milk+ Fruits) before the shower

IMG_20150331_212002322 IMG_20150331_231514931








It was really nice out there actually. I do have nice view from my room
IMG_20150326_082445494_HDR IMG_20150326_082500157_HDR









Finally, all set to go









On my way to work. It is around 10 min walk from my apartment. Well more exercises for me :).









I made it in to work.

IMG_20150326_085944446 IMG_20150326_120109891












Said good morning to Scott. He is one of the Co Owners of Rabbit Hole Studios.






I just made a coffee before i start work.











Ohh well, everybody is here now. Courtney from the left (She is the other Co Owner of the studio), Rob, Scott.






I was working on waterfall animation in the morning.






12.00 – I had my lunch while i was watching a documentary about lions.They my favorite. After lunch i was working on three other sprite animations and finished them up.

IMG_20150326_120327765_HDR IMG_20150326_124441355














5.00 pm –  I was  done for the day. It was busy and productive.

5.35 pm –  I got back to my apartment. Then it was time to relax. I love this part of my apartment. such a nice place to relax.






I made a tea and had some cookies while i was reading National Geographic books.


IMG_20150326_185117698 IMG_20150326_185218406













6.15 pm – It was really nice out side. So, I did go for a walk.

IMG_20150326_190946028 IMG_20150326_191004587 IMG_20150326_191149752 IMG_20150326_191142826

















I took some pictures and wanted to match with pictures that i too last fall.

IMG_20141225_160928369 IMG_20150326_190929316 IMG_20141225_161554008 IMG_20150326_191729063

















8.45 pm – I cooked my supper. Potatoes, Chicken and vegetables 🙂






9.00 pm – Okay, so.. when i started studies at NBCC, we made a for Tara’s class about our long term or short term goals or something we gonna do in the future. learning guitar was something i wanted to do in the future. Here i go. I am in the future now and actually i try to learn guitar :).









9.45 pm –   I had a shower. It made me feel so better









10.00 pm –  I did check my emails and browsed my Face Book profile. Then i did look at my previous game projects that i have already started when i was working at ITAP (IT Garage) and tried to organize all the folders. I am thinking to continue work on that game project, and also i did lot of researches about gaming industry, Software, publishing and marketing.

12.00 pm –  It was a long day and productive . Bed time woo hooo!!

Thank you To Tara Audibert and Curtis Carey for letting me this opportunity. I had great fun day and this was the first time i ever record my day. Hope you enjoyed reading  .

Tharaka Ranasinghe is an animator and Artist.  He graduated from the Animation and Graphics program at New  Brunswick  Community College, Miramichi in 2014.  Currently he is living in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He works as an animator/Artist at rabbit hole studios, PEI and also he works as a freelance animator, artist, video editor, photo editor and videographer. He is looking for more side projects related to his expertise.

Website –!home/mainPage

linkedin –