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This Little Girl Wrote a Movie Script, See What her Aunt & Uncle did About it

A Short Film Written and Directed by Ella Audibert (Age 4).

A princess is kidnapped by a witch and her mermaid friend must find her and save the day.

From the creators of The Andy & Andrew Show, Prepping with Puppets & Blanketfort Stories comes “Movies by Kids“. No Such Thing as Grown Ups are retired TV animators who still love to be directed by narcissistic babies. We make quick films written and directed by our nieces and nephews. Matthew, Rachel, Ella and someday Joe 😉

We also do animation, puppetry, a podcast and so much more! So tell your friends and tell your hot mom, there’s no such thing as grown ups .com

Listen to this weeks NEW NSTAGU Eps #78: Getting Naked in Prison