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Andy and Andrew Season 3 is HERE!!

It’s Finally Here and it’s crazier than a Pineapple, a Pen, an apple, and another pen! There’s New Murders, New Babies, New House, Giant Bananas, Nick and more!
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Episode 1 – Banana Room

Episode 2 – Not Our Baby

Episode 3 – Clean Up Artist


And Here’s the official Season 3 trailer!

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​Winter is Always Coming

It’s that time of year when I add yet another blanket to the bed. The same time of year I try to figure out a way to live my life from under these comforting comforter blankets.

I usually don’t think of any reasonable solution aside from finding a crazy rich lady. One who thinks I’m adorable when I’m wrapped in blankets and does everything in her power to keep me there and happy. Kind of like all those memes about how to “keep your woman happy”.
Sure I’d get bored of it like the meme-women do. The winter months, however, would be pure bliss though. Pure bliss and hot apple pie from the grocery store(I assume)

The other option is to set up all the gear for my YouTube Morning show in my bedroom. Just wake up and say, “Morning Everybody!” Then talk about how great it is to be a blanket-person. Then complain about how difficult it is to get food delivery people to come to your bedroom.
Of course interviewing the delivery people that ARE willing could be fun, until I realize they steal from me. It’s just a fact that everything in the next room would be fair game. A real good-news/bad=news situation.

Like Lisa Simpson paraphrased, “Crisis and Opportunity are the same thing”. The crisis of getting out of bed in Canada is also the opportunity to reboot my own version of “the Big Comfy Couch” which would be “Curtis’ Collection of Comfy Comforters”.

If you’re already watching the show each Friday, you know I already have cartoon characters and puppets to talk too. There has even been a clown. Sure it set me on fire…but it was a warm Christmassy fire. The only thing I seem to be doing wrong with this show… is getting out of bed.
Every show thus far, is delivered by sitting in fun chairs with interesting weirdos. But only Joan Rivers did her YouTube show from bed, and it was great. I’ll just be adding more blankets and imaginary guests. It sounds like a good formula for happiness… therefore it must be!

Now that I’m down to 20% battery power I have to decide to make some changes: so that my own little world fits me, or to get out of bed and try to fit in the world around me? It’s a tough decision filled with crisis and opportunity.

In the end I have to think, episode 46 was the best I’ve done so far. There’s no way to make an episode 46 from my bed. Charging alone requires getting an extension cord in here. I can’t possibly sleep with a pile of electricity filled cords surrounding my bed like sleepy eels. Another crisis. Easily solved by the opportunities I’ve already created in the next room.

I’ve also managed to avoid learning about “bed-sores” my whole life. First-hand is not the way I plan to learn about them. So I’ll get up, open curtains and lights and follow my imaginary heroes the Muppet’s and the Loony Tunes because – on with the show… this is it.

Winter will always be here or on its way. So will crisis which means there is always another opportunity with which to warm One’s self from the inside out.

Like a Clown-fire.

Click here for more contest info and to enter.

Anybody can Enter! Draw, Paint, Photoshop, 3D… Whatever you do. I can’t wait to see it.
Have Fun and Post your art on to be participate.


Breaking up and Breaking Through

#FunFact – Tara and I(Curtis) broke up about a year ago. Yes it’s Tragic… but we’re still hip. As you can see from this picture of us having fun watching the Tragically hip on a screen in a field… and having a great time.


We are still best friends and always will be. Therefore I would like she and I to both be able to post pictures of us in the same place without 19 people asking us if we’re back together.
Nah man… we’re just awesome.

How Awesome?
We still do our podcast and talk about how awesome we are. While still following our own adventure paths and Bridges to Terabithia. Feel free to listen in and share it with everyone okay with random swearing and your own laughter(

You might also enjoy us pretending to be Harry, Ron and some Hogwarts employees. So I made a button that will take you to a magical place where you can hear it.


#AnotherFunFact – This is how a lot of you are finding out we’re not together anymore. Sorry about that? But not really. We did a whole show about telling li’l Gillian… and I’m still pretty sure she has no idea. Everyone has their own life. No need to be up in everyone’s business all the time. Right?


Hey, I had fun watching a band who I thought had only one song I knew.
Turns out I grew up in Canada and I knew all the songs I heard that night. Or… the Matrix.
Either way.
House for sale but Friends forever. Don’t worry about it. Stranger Things have happened… and Stranger Things is on-demand.



If you’re still sad about the break-up…  A puppy will help you get over it. Here’s one now! Please enjoy responsibly.


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Talking to Myself on Purpose

 I always wanted to be the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Not just make something like it or work on a sequel. Or even go back in time and be in the movie. No, I wanted it to be my life, at least once a week. But it was never really a thing available at the job fair… so I never went to the job fair. I went to animation school instead.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.21.37 AM

I never wanted to go to Disneyland or World. In spite of what you think… none of your favorite characters are there. Not one. There are very tall versions of adorable little creatures. Sweaty overheated teens in giant helmets. There are actual humans pretending to be Jasmin and Aladdin. Those two characters happen to be very nicely designed human “characters”… not regular people from the real world. So why would I want to go there and lie to myself? I’ve always thought oversized mascot versions of cartoon characters are offensive to a child’s imagination. I know what they look like on TV and they don’t look like cheap felt full of neck-holes. Cartoons have life in their eyes… plastic googly eyes do not.

Now I’m sure there are hologram versions of the cartoons there now. Which might give me a reason to one day go to Disneyland for a few minutes. Not for the rides or people in costumes. The promise of a “Toon Town” made it more interesting many years ago. But it still looked like over sized hard plastic version of squashy stretchy cartoon life. No. I wated something different.

I’m not insane or a clown posse. I never believed that Bob Hoskins got to meet any of the characters. I understood there was a process and I wanted in on that process. I watched the making of videos and learned that it was actually very complicated. But I still wanted to power to cross dimensions.

I’ve made several short animations where I interact with imaginary creatures. It’s fun but there are a few extra steps. It’s definitely not as complicated as the making of Roger Rabbit, but my computer still does not do all the work.

Recently I launched my web Show, Morning Everybody, which I try to post every Thursday. The goal of this show was to eventually afford the time to hang out with imaginary characters. As much as that is the deluded dream of a 7 year old. It can also be the auspicious dream of a 37 year old. Mostly I talk to the camera and I am usually to warn out from drawing/creating at work to do it some more at night. But this week…

This week I did. And next week I’ll do it again. And one day going to “work” will involve setting up my gear and talking to myself. Then animating the things I Pretended to talk to.

Welcome to episode 36: Everything is a Contest or a Talent Show. In this Episode I talk to the animated soul of my dead cat as we try to win a contest together. All While I live next to my new neighbors who I could hear through the walls saying, “He’s talking to himself, No he is. He’s talking to himself. He’s just talking… to himself.”

Please enjoy what watching what my neighbors could only hear.


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This Little Girl Wrote a Movie Script, See What her Aunt & Uncle did About it

A Short Film Written and Directed by Ella Audibert (Age 4).

A princess is kidnapped by a witch and her mermaid friend must find her and save the day.

From the creators of The Andy & Andrew Show, Prepping with Puppets & Blanketfort Stories comes “Movies by Kids“. No Such Thing as Grown Ups are retired TV animators who still love to be directed by narcissistic babies. We make quick films written and directed by our nieces and nephews. Matthew, Rachel, Ella and someday Joe 😉

We also do animation, puppetry, a podcast and so much more! So tell your friends and tell your hot mom, there’s no such thing as grown ups .com

Listen to this weeks NEW NSTAGU Eps #78: Getting Naked in Prison