No Such Thing as Grown Ups: BOOK ONE comic 25% off sale! Sneak Peek

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Sneak Peek from our No Such Thing as Grown Ups: BOOK ONE by Curtis Carey & Tara Audibert.

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7 MInutes 2 Survive! No Such Thing as Grown Ups Video Game!

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Check out our NEW VIDEO GAME!!!! Curtis made the whole thing all by himself, he is a game nerd! You have 7 minutes to survive ALL of the apocalypses!!! CAn you do it? Don’t worry Milo will help you when he can! Let us know how long you last and if you can SURVIVE!!! and save Curtis!

43: It Takes a Lot of Courage to be that Bad and Keep Going #NO SuCh tHiNg aS GroWn uPs PoDcAst

1 Year Anni

NSTAGU’s ANNIVERSARY Episode! Find out how it all began and then some! We are painfully, violently desperate for attention from Kevin J Forbes. We invented a school for ziplines & punching and I think it will succeed! eDating and men with woman voices, Tara’s eDating tales of woe, Peter S. Beagle so poor from the Last Unicorn, A very Special Steamboat shout out to Adam Prime Fitzgerald, and Curtis offers lesson’s for babies. How can we fit all this into ONE episode??? Listen & find out, then Subscribe then kiss yo mama!



HEY!! My name is Amanda Hildisheim and this is my day!!

 7:30-8 am: I wake up. Brush my teeth and say good bye to Alex.

8 something: I go to Trident

photo 2 (1)

(It’s right beside my aprt)

I say Hi to Tracey (The owner for Trident)

photo 1 (5)

8:10 am: I arrive to the studio

photo 4

I go upstairs to where I sit and drop off my coffee and lemon bread

photo 1

Then I go say hi to John Shaw

photo 3 (1)

And I go back upstairs to get ready for my day

photo 2 (2)

That’s what I look like while I work.

8:30 am: I say Hi to james (He didnt wanted to get his picture taken so I made one for him)

JAMES copy

After James It’s usually Joe Anchorn and after Joe it’s 4 (1)

(she didnt expect me to take a pic this early hahah 😀 )

Carmen sits behind me

10 am: That’s when the rest of the people come in.

12pm: LUNCH TIME!!!

photo 5 (2)

Carmen and I leaving from the dark studio haha

@ noon I usually go home & Tom and Sam comes over for lunch also


This is what I’m eating

photo 2 (5)

Mostly orange stuff HAHA!! (wasnt planned)

I feed the fishy’s also

photo 1 (3)

1:00 pm: After watching some Dragon Den It’s time to go back to work.

photo 2 (7)

3pm: Picture taken while I was working

photo 3 (5)

5 pm: I am done for the day!! Alex’s ain’t home today for supper and that day I didnt felt like cooking so I ordered some thai food

photo 1 (4)

9:30 pm: My man is back from work 😀

photo 2 (6)

11 pm: Time for bed!!

Amanda is an animator at Copernicus Studios in Halifax, NS, Canada and is definitely not a Grown Up!

42: Comic Cons and Dog Resorts NO SuCh tHiNg as GroWn uPs PodcAst

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.39.34 PM

In this guide to surviving the pre-apocalypse we visit the Dartmouth Comic & Arts Festival DCAF and we have a BLAST! WE drop Burke off at 4 Paws Resort! Fancy! Our new favourite fan Kevin Forbes is now being stalked by us. We give a steamboat shout-out to Adam Prime Fitzgerald, review the 90’s boy band Soul Decision and a skit about the most secretive evil villains in the world! 


41: Naked and Afraid in Airport Security NO SuCh tHiNg as GroWn uPs PodcAst


Campfirecast! We are sitting round the fire telling SCARY stories, we talk about old photos and the great documentary finding Vivian Maier. We help you survive naked & afraid with SHOES and survical tips every prepper need to know. WE have a garden and we talk about veggies, and UGLY vegetables! Also a few more stories from Jamaica security! All this and a skit! What are you waiting for! LISTEN it’s FREE!

40: Observing Jamaica Part 2 NO SuCh tHiNg as GroWn uPs PodcAst


This weeks Guide to the Pre-Apocalypse focuses on our travels to Jamaica! So many stupid white people and racism, we talk hibachi, food and exclusive resorts, 12 Years a Slave, Bob Marley, One Love, Saved by the Bell, the saddest boy in the world, Icarus, cougars & hummingbirds, monopoly, and a skit about party Brahs. Don’t Worry, BE HAPPY MON!

Podcast Guide to Surviving the Pre-Apocalypse

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