It’s Vid-ee-uh Friday: Andy & Andrew Show Fundle Bundle Interview

This weeks Vid-ee-uh is all new &  in honor of The Andy and Andy Show the worlds only finger puppet sitcom being on the FUNDLE BUNDLE Indie Channel starting tomorrow!!!! Tara & Andy answer questions PLUS there might be a bonus Andy Warhol F.P. Film Starrring our one and only Tara Audibert!

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No Such Thing as Blog Rants: I’m Afraid of Mobile Games

I Can’t Play Clash Of Clans Right

Clash of Clans is an amazing game on my iPad that I don’t play.
When I did play it I found that no matter how big I built my miniature-army they always died. All of them.
Sometimes I would just press the give-up button. Especially when one poor idiot was left all alone trying to knock over a building with a sword. How could I sit and wait to watch him die.

How could I send him back to camp alone. All 44 of his goblin and elf friends who were digitally-deleted backslash dead.
No, That’s too much responsibility.

When I play Clash of Clans I spend minutes at a time building up my mining equipment so that I can make better buildings. Better imaginary buildings for imaginary people. That’s a promise I make before a real person in the real world attacks. And I can’t do anything but watch the replay video.

Some person somewhere presses a button and my little village is randomly selected by an algorithm to be ransacked. When the siege is done i have the option to press a revenge button and ransack back. Which is super fun and very empowering.
Except when you get to the guys village and he obviously just started playing the game. An attack would decimate him. I say “him”, but it could easily be a 12 year old girl.
Either way, the game tells you to attack other people. It points out the buttons and gives you instructions. How could I blame a 12 year old girl for following video game instructions? I can’t and I won’t.

When I played Clash of Clans I realized I may in fact have a god complex. I also realized I do not want to handle the responsibilities of a person with a god complex. I’m not sure if I’m just not good at it or if that’s what a real God would do or has already done.

It seems to make the most sense that the God that creates everything would just spawn things, all things and then just watch and see what happens. A lot of people are totally killing other people because its the most right thing to do based on a belief system of some kind.
So are my Clash of Clans guys, literally just walk around in circles and cheer until I send them into pure and absolute sacrifice. Sure I could spend some money and give them super powers and exploding arrows, but I’d like to see what they come up if I leave them alone.

Turns out that if you don’t make people fight they would rather just hang around and cheer to being alive. Maybe a true god complex is just hanging back and letting things be like a 17 minute John Lennon power-dance-remix. Sure you could scream “SACRILEGE!” because you are not supposed to mess with any Beatle but Ringo. Another great example because isn’t it easier to dance than to fight the existence of 17 minutes of music? I mean… Footloose taught us that, no need to rehash the exciting dance justice of Kevin Bacon. Not today anyway.

I deleted Clash of Clans because it gave me anxiety and made it hard to complete poops without first making sure – MY MINERS WERE PROTECTED! Hey calm down, I’m not a rich gold mine tycoon… I ‘m a guy playing a game while I poop. I don’t need to worry about keeping the mine open in times of war and unimaginable profitability.

I can play 7 Minutes 2 Survive instead. A game I personally made about my Lady and Our Cat Protecting ME from every apocalypse until we are rescued. I realise I have the complete opposite of a god complex. I have an, Oh GOD will somebody please save me from the robots and Zombies Complex. Nobody was making games about saving me… Curtis… from all things I’m afraid of. So, as they say: If you want something done right… Make lemonade.

Curtis Carey is the co-host of the popular indie podcast NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS.  In his non-podcast life he is a game developer and Creative Art Director at Eggroll Digital Studios. In the rest of his time he makes cartoons, rants and puppet show sitcoms  about Andy Warhol and his doppelgänger roommate AKA The Andy & Andrew Show with his spouse Tara Audibert in Sunny Corner, NB in their house “Gianon: The Fortress of Solitude” where they live with their dog Burke. 


Teenage Mu’ant Adventures of Michael & Ralph: DonDon Pizza by Curtis Carey


44: Waiting For An Old lady to Cougar Around With #No Such THing As Grown Ups Podcast

In my country, Yakov Smirnoff watches the True Blood Finale. Tara teaches us about hot dogs. Amanda Drinks Pickle juice at Tom’s Little Havana. Wrong number bingo with grandmas. Mr. Kevin J. Forbs and the old timey 90s. Plus, Fundle Bundle! Andy and Andrew Warhol and the beginning of the Manifesto! Some Self Help-ish words to fix your life.
Quick mentions of Mike Geiger and Joel Mackenzie and the Purge, and a robot kid. Lots of fun voices? Yes Mr. Fitzgerald…. yes. Check out the only finger puppet sitcom in existance, and produced by US  ‘The Andy & Andrew Show’ Coming to the FUNDLEBUNDLE Channel this week! Subscribe and never miss an episode!

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN ARTIST: Tomas Patlan, Animator

Hello! I’m Tomas Patlan and this is how my day went on Aug 21.

7:30 – I woke up, went to the balcony and said “Hi” to the morning. Sky was blue, the air was crisp and cool and it was going to be a good day!


While I was out there, I took a quick look over Sam’s plants. They haven’t been doing quite as well since we had moved here, 3 weeks ago. Maybe ‘cause the air is thinner up here on the 19th floor than the 3rd floor of our previous apartment. Maybe also ‘cause the nights have been colder. I don’t know. (Also, don’t mind the mess; we were getting ready to move again to a different apartment in the same building because of some registry error on the landlord’s part :/)


8:00 – I made some breakfast! I usually have a bowl of cereal but we ran out so today was oatmeal day. It was a mix of apple cinnamon and maple & brown sugar. It was quite delicious. And as I ate, I woke up my laptop and listened to some jams! I’ve been listening to a lot of The Cat Empire lately but I switch it up quite often, perusing jazz, folk, indie rock, techno, various latin genres, hip hop, anything really, but usually ending back up with some kind of funky mix or extreme metal.

IMG_2037 IMG_2039

8:30 – I got a little carried away with my music listening and internet browsing so I was running late. I prepared my coffee (Sam works at Starbucks so I get a free cup-o’-joe every morning at home. It’s nice ), finished getting for work and headed out.


On my way I looked down towards Spring Garden Rd. and I saw some nice looking flowers on my walk.


I continued on my way but I had to make a detour to the main Copernicus studio. They were putting me on some new work in the studio I normally work in so I needed my tablet. I took the one I was using in the main studio. Amanda was already there (she did a Day In The Life Of An Artist the same day I did and hers is already posted) so we talked for a little bit before I headed out.


9:00 – Finally made it to work. Corinne and I are usually the first two to show up in the morning. I set down my coffee, woke up my computer, rearranged my post-its (which happened to have some math scribbles for a problem I was solving to develop a 3DS Max plugin for moving objects towards/away from the camera while maintaining the same relative screen space; nothing real complicated but it was eventually nixed because we’re moving towards Maya instead. Oh well) and hunkered down into my seat for the morning. For me, development work is hugely synonymous with “sit”.

IMG_2084 IMG_2088 IMG_2089 IMG_2095

Oh yeah, Amanda usually talks to me throughout the day.


12:00 – I was SUPER hungry by this point! I normally eat a snack at 10:30 but I burn off food quickly; even if all I do is sit on my ass. I headed out to the SuperStore which is right next to work and grabbed my usual; a ham sandwich, tofu dessert package and a banana, which is sometimes replaced with a granola bar. Then I headed over to Amanda’s place to eat. She’s made it a ritual for people to hang out at her place for lunch because she lives literally 30 seconds from the main Copernicus studio. Sam joined us today too because she had the day off from Starbucks! It was only us 3 though; Alex was working and no one else decided to come. We watched some Dragon’s Den on Netflix.

IMG_2097 IMG_2099 IMG_2101 IMG_2106

1:00 – Heading back to work!


6:15 – I left early today. I didn’t have much work to do. I normally walk through the park and head straight home but today I was making a little detour to Sobeys where I thought I was supposed to meet Sam. She did a bit of groceries while I was at work and I was going to help her carry them up the hill to our apartment. Turns out she went to SuperStore, not Sobeys. Anyway, I saw this dude playing guitar next to the Sobeys parking lot. I tried listening to him a little as I walked by. He plays really quietly though so I don’t even know if he’s any good.

I continued to Sobeys and waited for Sam for a few minutes. I thought she might’ve made it home by then so I headed to our place and took the stairs; all 19 storeys of them. I haven’t been able to make it to the gym lately so I’ve got to make up for it somehow! Today I was able to make it in just barely over 2 minutes; my best time yet.

IMG_2109 IMG_2110 IMG_2112 IMG_2113

6:30 – Kicked my feet off and spritz-ed Sam’s plants in an attempt to keep them alive. Then Sam and I made supper (mostly Sam; I don’t think she likes it very much when I’m making food. I’m kind of unconventional and distracted in my ways. I think it frustrates her sometimes :P)

IMG_2120 IMG_2135

But we had breakfast for supper tonight and it was awesome! I made a face out of my plate and Sam dubbed it “Penis Face”. We normally watch a movie or tv show while we eat so we sat down on the couch and watched the next episode of Hemlock Grove. After supper we did our own things; Sam was organizing her new bunch of cross-stitch threads and I continued planning out an animation for the upcoming Nocturn Festival here in Halifax and we had the Yogscast playing in the background.

IMG_2139 IMG_2142 IMG_2146

11:45 – I changed into my PJs, brushed my teeth, and took a shower.

IMG_2161 IMG_2164 IMG_2176

12:00 – Bed Time!!

Tomas is an animator at Copernicus Studios in Halifax, NS, Canada and is definitely not a Grown Up!

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