4: You Are Never Right, But You Are Wrong, Just WRONG NO SuCh tHiNg as GroWn uPs PodcAst


Curtis and Tara discuss facebook depression, Breaking Amish, Boys & Girls & how that works, Dr. Phil, Snakes that eat kids, Tara’s visit to the hospital and an improvised skit about a Radio show host Dr. Curtis who tries to help a lady’s family problems.

3: Too Old for iPads Too Young for Freedom 55__NO SuCh tHiNg as GroWn uPs PodcAst


Curtis and Tara tell you How to Survive the Pre-Apocalypse. In this episode they talk commercials, do a skit about the new iPad kid locks, & tell you some of the harsh truths of life according to the internet.

2: Can’t a Man Poop in Peace? NO SuCh tHiNg as GroWn uPs Podcast


Curtis and Tara help you survice the Pre-Apocalypse-discussing Be the Boss, Genetically modified blueberries, Parades, Boat Safety & Number 2 in Public Toilets.

Podcast Guide to Surviving the Pre-Apocalypse

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