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NSTAGU169: Hive Mind!


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NSTAGU169: Hive Mind!

This Week Tara invents a new dating system. Fight Club rules apply to everything. Stocking people getting haircuts. Tara learns another Song and Curtis Finished a whole book of poetry with pictures! And more!
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Which Beast do I have to Slay?

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NSTAGU153: Which Beast do I have to Slay?


This Week we talk about how to talk to people and take an ADHD test . U shaped seminars versus bad workshops. Keeping your back to the conversation. Learning from idiots. The Art of being late. Boring visual aids are wrong. Anxiety and ADHD and making jokes with serious people. Doing it yourself. Neurodiversity. Plus we’re at ECCE This Year!

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No Such Thing as Grown Up Teachers: BEd Assignment and General Military Training by Gary Caines

Mr. Caines, my former high school teacher, has been a great inspiration in my teaching career, and looking back, most likely one of the first “Non-Grown Ups” I encountered. He is and was a truly great teacher and I learned a lot about teaching, feminism, treating people fairly and equally, and having fun-just from being his student. I am so happy to live in a word where there are more people who have been taught by him, and I know the world is a better place because of it. Oh and did I mention he’s funny-well now he has a blog and you can see for yourself. Check it out and leave him a comment he’d love to hear from you! –Tara Audibert Co-Host No Such Thing as Grown Ups

BEd Assignment

During my time at St. Thomas we were given an assignment to interview two seasoned teachers and ask each for two pieces of advice. I asked Sister McCloskey how we were to define seasoned. She said that two or more years experience would be fine. That was good – it meant I could interview my brothers. I remember three of the four suggestions: READ MORE…

General Military training

I was in the Naval Reserve for 20 years (I could probably write a book just on my navy experiences). During my G.M.T. (General Military Training) we were required to run 1.5 miles each morning starting at 0600. My running buddy was Gord Edwards and we remain friends to this day. I would like to send a shout-out to Gord. He said something to me in 1978 that made a profound difference in my life and my teaching career. The conversation went like this: READ MORE…

Gary Caines is a retired teacher. During his 32 year career he taught in Newfoundland and New Brunswick and in private and public schools. He directed school musicals, coached rugby, is a recording artist, a past-master of the Masonic Lodge, and served as a volunteer ambulance driver. Oh, and something else of which he is proud, he is married with two beautiful children. In the spring of 2015 he became a grand-father.

He has a lot of stories to tell. Follow his wordpress for more stories each week!



You’re not doing anything anybody gives a shit about. The Only nine jobs available in the world! The Age of Aquarius and Ultron. Things change while you wait. Becoming whatever you want to be. Going to jail in disguise. Internet websites and the truth. Lex Luther is running for president IRL.
Ryan Atkins loves comic books for you! Check out our newest No Such Thing as Reviews every Tuesday. Plus Joseph Gordon Levitt gives me anxiety. Hey guys you’re trapped Under the Dome for a week.

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95: Studying for Aspergers Tests No Such Thing As grown Ups Podcast


We have all the answers! Is itunes is making it hard to like music, and was Entourage the movie really a movie? Mark Whalburg is the Rich and the Pants-less. How to make your neighbors move away. Where are the dogs? Going to war with a facebook community. Autism and Asperger’s tests and diagnosis. Plus how to become Hannibal. I am food?

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93: Telling the Future with Pictures NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS PODCAST


Get assigned to draw the future. Hannibal questions everything. The Oldest people in the world. How to avoid grey hair forever. The Cease and Desist Letter! Snail Mail bullies! Befriend a robot to survive the robots. Ultron versus Vision and the legal fees incurred. Free Online Yoga with Dr. Melissa West! Growing up too fast is dangerous. Investigating Life-time movies with Will Ferral and Kristen Wig. Giant fighting robots in real life! As well as… President Trump?

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92: Jurassic Robots Will Destroy Us NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS PODCAST


Hunting Dinosaurs and Whales in the Falkland’s. Robots are thinking and they might be thinking about killing. Purging species and other History channel fun. Sea Shepherds. Dolphins saving lives and communicating. Clever Girl indeed. Steven Spielberg. Karma and carrying Darkness with Hannibal and Relish. Legally eating your own children. Wiseman puzzle test. Learn to talk like Hannibal for fun and Profit. Plus, a Prime Minister that Kills. Improv Improv Improv!

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No Such Thing as Blog Rants: The Future of Entertainment and Fireworks by Curtis Carey

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Bombs bursting in air, For the purpose of pleasure? A firework is a flash and a bang then flaming cardboard embers falling to the ground. Where wide-eyed children look up as they jam their fingers in their ears.

Some are nice light shows with pops instead of harsh shot-gun-like bangs. Except we all know the pop is an explosion. The colors are chemicals burning in the air. The more amazing the show equals more time and  money human being spent by adult human beings. Mostly adult men.

I understand that most men need to explode things. I’ve seen it, I’ve read about it, and adult men have told me their extensive homemade explosive history. No adult women have ever said, “fireworks were on sale at the gas station! So I bought them for only one hundred dollars!” Not that women don’t like fire works… Many do. Most do not enjoy the fire and the work that go into a Fireworks explosion. I’d like to think that most would also consider spending a hundred dollars at a gas station to buy an explosion for your family… is insane.

Men need so badly to explode things in their backyard. But they can’t. They’ve become GrownUps and grownups don’t stand around in the backyard exploding action figures and stolen vegetables. Children do. Those children don’t grow up, they just get taller and become more noticeable when they jam fistfuls of cherry-bombs into a pumpkin.

So instead they get married, have a kid or two and wait for any holiday, birthday or Saturday to gather the family around in the backyard and explode the sky above their heads. Perhaps every man learns about international waters and how there’s no laws out at sea. Then through some bizarre rationalization they decide that the sky  –  is the sea of the land. No man is considered a weird idiot for shooting a red flower firebomb into the air at the start of a new year, or at Halloween, or summer vacation(which is any day off during summer). That guy is as normal as Apple pies on American window-sills and hockey sticks on a Canadian’s porch.

I spend my life finding reasons not to be around during a fireworks show. Most dogs get super upset by it. And ninety percent of all the dogs in the world can’t be totally wrong. At some point in evolution people started training their kids to stop running from explosions and start looking at them… for fun.

That’s either super crazy behaviour, or just getting your family used to the only form of entertainment when the robots take over.

Curtis Carey is the co-host of No Such Thing as Grown Ups Podcast. In his spare time he stop motions TMNT figurines on Vine, draws comics and animates videos about a diabetic cat MILO, he is also the art director at Eggroll Digital Studios making games for your phones like NSTAGU 7 Minutes 2 Survive!

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No Such Thing as Blog Rants: The Size of Gravel/ Why do I need to be an Expert in Everything by Tara Audibert

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Why do I know the difference between traprock grit, limestone, granite and all grades of crushed stone? Well because I needed ONE of these things delivered to me out in the boonies, and apparently the term “gravel” just means “rocks”. So what had been delivered the first time was not the small grade of “crushed gravel” I was expecting or needed. And then the adventure began!

Now, do not think I went into this “asking for gravel” adventure, without any rock experience. I have a long resume of rock delivery gone awry, and have yet to learn my lessons. I have had rocks delivered on many occasions, all with the same level of difficulty.  Websites describing choices of only gravel, sand and fill would lead you to believe this is an easy process. Not so, not so. You would think, I do not need sand, or fill, so by the process of elimination you will say you need gravel. WHOA! let me stop you right there, because that word will only be met with more questions.

“What kind of gravel?”-you will be asked

“What kind do you have?”-oh no, no, no rookie mistake you will never find out what they have!!! never! you will only be invited to visit the quarry site, which has directions like “take the backroad down past Jimmy’s.” Who the fuck is Jimmy? -side note Do not ask who Jimmy is!!! that is whole other adventure!

Now he (I’ve never talked to a gravel woman, but- or she) may comeback to you with several numbers and words you have never heard before-don’t think that you can just nod these off and agree to them because they “sound OK to you”. NO this is where you have to break out the big guns, you need to know your shit, talk in a deep voice and answer immediately any questions, cutting him off is even better, you will get more respect. You know your gravel, and he will like that. If you can throw in a couple “washed gravel’s for pussies” and “gimme some riprap over argilite any-day, amirite?” and you will be sitting primo for the rocks you want!

Now knowing what you want is half the battle! You are also going to need to succinctly describe what you are using it for. This seems unnecessary since they WILL NOT LISTEN TO WHAT YOU NEED IT FOR, but the more succinctly you can describe it the better. You will sound like you know what you are doing and you will not get pushed back a step to “visiting the quarry” again because you don’t know what you need. One word answers are best. Driveway, Patio, Bury the dead family pet-see no specifics as to the type of animal or how it died. THEY DON’T CARE!!!

Then you are going to get this “How much do you want?”-the correct answer is not:

“How little can I get?”-They HATE this!!! you might as well have spit in their face and shit in their cheerios! You are not gonna get your rocks now, you have basically admitted you are just a waste of their time. You may even get the response after all this, that they actually do not do residential anymore. These guys love gravel and they love it in big quantities! Also it will be measured in TONS! WTF does a ton look like? and how does it equate to the Square feet I am actually using this rock for? Fucking math!!! WEEEEEEEE!! all I can say is now I know how that works too. I’m not sure why in math class, the trains that would never collide weren’t fucking tons of gravel that I had to lay out on my driveway, because that is something I’d actually do someday!

Now I feel that all this would be much easier if they just had photos, prices, or any information on their website of their products, but this may be an outdated idea, why simply look at what you want when you can go on this fun adventure! Well I have learned a lot, and this is why I am now a gravel expert.

Tara Audibert is an artist, film maker, comic illustrator, consultant, and just a Jill of all Trades. She co-hosts the podcast No Such Thing as Grown Ups with her spouse Curtis Carey from Sunny Corner, NB, Canada where they also make Animations, Finger Puppet Sitcoms, Prepping with Puppets,comics, poetry books, children’s books and so much more! www.nosuchthingasgrownups.com

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No Such Thing as Blog Rants: Practice Standing Up for What you Believe by Tara Audibert

LOGO icons0008

I often wonder what I would have done during World War II around Nazis, or if I was to witness the taking of Native children to Residential Schools here in Canada. Would I be able to stand up for what I believe is right? How would I do that without fear of persecution myself?

What I believe through thought and experience is that I cannot wait until times are dire before I would stand up. If I waited until then, I wouldn’t even know what to do? I imagine that people behind revolutions were always revolutionary in their ideas and ways. In this way they practice on smaller issues, fighting for small issues to prepare for the big ones. I remember the first “Circus” I went to . It was a traveling Shriner’s Circus that came to town and shows were held in the arena. My father brought my brother, sister & I and there were elephant rides, clowns and animal acts. One of the acts involved a bear riding a unicycle. The bear did not want to perform, did a couple very sad looking tricks, and then ran back through the curtain emitting a sound that to me was nothing less than crying, his ‘trainer’ chasing behind with a whip. I was devastated. “What will happen to the bear?” I asked my dad. I don’t remember what my father said to me, but I was 9 and for some reason I knew about boycotting. So I can’t remember if I pronounced it then, since it was over, or made my proclamation, rather grandly the next year when the circus came to town. “I am boycotting the Circus!”, “but Why?” my parents asked. So I told them all about the terrible atrocities I had witness and that I would not be a party to it again, and the only way I could show my feeling was by not going. They told me that that meant my brother and sister couldn’t go either, I can’t remember if they did go without me, but I do know that I never went again-and as a result the Circus never came back…no hahaha, I think it cam back for a few years, but not really very long. When something is wrong and it is ignored, sometimes it goes away. But I think there has to be those people who go-“this is dumb let’s go do something else.” I hope I will always be one of those people!

In College faced with a similar situation, our class was to go to a zoo, that I had bee boycotting for years. The care and housing for the animals was deplorable. I am now against zoos in general, but at the time this place was a real sanatorium of wild animals in small cages. I explained to my teacher that I would not go on the trip (for life drawing). He said I would fail the assignment. I said that was fine (I regularly got A’s so I could care less). In the end no one went and the whole class drew different animals, which was cool.

As I grew, I continued in my atrocious ways, fighting authority, continuing to be “challenging”. I have threatened to not play, quit, really quit, and stood up many times for what I believe. I still pick my battles, but I try to stand up for what I believe, for me, with the hope that I can lead by example with non-violent protest. At the very least I do what I want and I am happier for it. I like thinking that I will be able to stand up at least a little! I know I need a lot more practice to get to the Revolutionary stage, but I will keep working on it, protest by protest, boycott by boycott I will keep practicing so I can at least think I am ready if the time arises. Anyways, back to drawing comics…Also stop going to Seaworld. I’ve been boycotting that place since I was 7!

Tara Audibert is an artist, teacher, comic illustrator, consultant, and just a Jill of all Trades. She co-hosts the podcast No Such Thing as Grown Ups with her spouse Curtis Carey from Sunny Corner, NB, Canada where they also make Animations, Finger Puppet Sitcoms, Prepping with Puppets,comics, poetry books, children’s books and so much more! www.nosuchthingasgrownups.com

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