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NSTAGU199: Jonnys Dojo
This week we talk about the sharing the internet. Real Horror movie situations. Scary Snow. Adventures of the Cobra Kai. You’re the worst Danial Larusso!

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Holiday Book and Art Shopping


Burke says I still have a pile of Poetry books. Vol. 1 and 2 ready to go. You can get it from the link below.

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And you can always get some custom art commissions and more in the artshop

Happy Holidays!
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I made a Book!

Heart.jpegIllustration for “Star Worries”

I made a book of poems and drawings about dinosaurs, anxieties, sexy ladies, Batman, Starwars and more… so much more. I ordered a stack and now my new favorite thing to do is draw in somebody’s book before it gets to them. It’s like legal vandalism! The funnest kind of vandalism(it’s how you get that same feeling the president must get every time he congratulates himself for something horrible).

It’s called Anxieties and Happy Little Trees, because that’s what some of it is about…
It’s book 2 in the ‘Sometimes I rhyme Library’….and now I’m going to work on book 3. Please enjoy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 2.05.06 PM.png

Get Your copy of the book here





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NSTAGU169: Hive Mind!


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NSTAGU169: Hive Mind!

This Week Tara invents a new dating system. Fight Club rules apply to everything. Stocking people getting haircuts. Tara learns another Song and Curtis Finished a whole book of poetry with pictures! And more!
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A Day In The Life Of An Artist: R. Glenn Atkinson. Canadian Indie Comic Writer


OH! You startled me..

I didn’t see you sitting there reading this…

Since I’ve got your attention though, let me tell you my tale.

My Name is Ryan Glenn Atkinson. I write under R. Glenn Atkinson because my late Grandfather went by B. Glenn Atkinson and I miss the guy.

I’m 21 years old, look a bit closer to 30 in person, act a bit closer to 12 most days. I don’t know my exact height, I assume I’ve stopped getting taller but I just say I’m 5’10” even though I could be anything, really.

I’m from Parrsboro Nova Scotia

main street parrsboro

Moved to Riverview New Brunswick in 2011.

A day in the Life O’ Ryan is pretty simple these days. They normally consist of:

Plenty of Skyrim, reading comics, re-watching Naruto and Doctor Who episodes for the 500000th time, lots of procrastinating and copious amounts of re-writing dialogue because I’m never satisfied.

I am the writer of Moncton local indie comic “Duality: What We Become”. We are in the process now of holding our very first Indiegogo campaign to help get this book released. You better hurry and get that package you didn’t even know you wanted until now!


Ahem.. Sorry about that. I don’t know what came over me.

Where was I..

OH yes!

A day in the life of Me.

Well today is a little bit different than most days. Instead of just sitting down, enjoying an oscillating fan and long walks to the fridge, I have some business to attend to!

First off I got up at the wee, wee hour of 9am then gave up on that after about an hour and slept till 12 noon. I debated on whether to go back to sleep or not, but the sun decided to work with my blinds to conspire against me.

So I got up, did the normal things you do. Showering, getting dressed, stubbing your toe, the usual.

I went over to my dad’s place and saw that my City And Colour poster that I won in a contest (I also do promotion for Dine Alone Records and they do things like that) had arrived in the mail.

ccposter dine alone 1

And then hung out with these two losers for a bit.

2 doggy doggs

Now that Ziggy (Lab) and Buddy (Toller) have let me leave, I’m heading on into the Comic Hunter in Moncton to do that business that I mentioned before.

Comic Hunter Doors

I gave some flyers to the Comic Hunter to hand out with their “Comic News” papers they hand out with purchases. These flyers go to show that I’m truly a writer and not an artist in the literal sense of the word. But they work on getting the word out!


Now that the flyers are out all that’s left for my day is to review my script again to work on the dialogue that I keep insisting isn’t good enough.

Filling in the silence with some NOFX, Black Flag, Dropkick Murphys, Cancer Bats, Alexisonfire and this weird song that I shouldn’t even like because I’m not a fan of that style of music but I can’t stop listening to it. It’s called Memory.

I donno.

I just like it.

Back off about about it, okay?!

So that’s my day! I’m not very exciting but that’s how I do!

So now on to some more shameless self promotion.

Like I mentioned I am the writer for the indie comic book “Duality: What We Become”. The artist is Warren Muzak from Guelph Ontario. We also have an amazing line up of guest artists for the back of the book.

Carmen Cameron out of Halifax is going to do a cover for us as well as a pin up if she has time, Moncton locals Veronick Roy, Kraig Nicol, Andre Boulard, David Coates and Moya Ferrigno will be doing some pin ups for us (Veronick possibly a cover, we shall see on that one 🙂 ) We also have Miramichi artist Missy Hamilton on board. John Gannon from Dayton, Ohio has done a great pin up for us and Anthony Pugh from Brooklyn, New York will be joining us as well. Our special guest artist (Certainly not taking anything away from our already amazing pantheon of artists) is Matt Mehana, lead singer of the experimental metal band I Set My Friends On Fire! He will be contributing a pin up for the final product as well. Here’s some artwork that we have done (not all of course, we’ll keep some for surprises 😉 )

Issac Line Art page 3 colour updated-second-print Jenna Greenwood By John Gannon

So again, you can find our Indiegogo campaign at http://igg.me/at/WhatWeBecome

We’ve got everything from copies of the book, 8×11 poster prints, t-shirts, variant covers and more!

Including my personal favourite: Have you ever wanted to see yourself in a comic book but didn’t know how to make it happen? This is how! One of our great perks is just that! Have yourself drawn into the book as a main character for the series, they will be given your first name and we will provide you with a list of available powers to choose from!

You can find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/duality.whatwebecome

And on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Duality_Comics

And I just wanted to say:
To anyone who is thinking of writing something more than just for yourself, be it comic books, trying to get a poem published, song-writing, or even one of those guys who writes the illegible ingredient lists on the back of Doritos. Do it. It’s hard work. Some days are easier than anything you’ll do in your life, but some are the hardest days you’ll ever experience. But they’re all worth it. You don’t need a bunch of university training to make your dreams happen, I barely graduated high school, but if you’re willing to put the work in, and leave your heart out on the page and take chances, you’ll do just fine.

The only things you need are a great work ethic, passion about your craft, and a little imagination.

And that goes for any other art form too! Write a book, draw something, sculpt scale miniatures of your high school teachers! Just put your heart into it!

Thanks to No Such Thing As Grown Ups for having me! I look forward to maybe working with them again some day. Check out their line up of great podcasts, they also have books and things, maybe commission Tara or Curtis to draw you something, I will be when I have more than 0$!

Ryan is a simple man. He enjoys the simple things in life like comic books and all things geekdom. His passion is writing stories for people to enjoy. When not spending time enjoying anime and fantasy shows/movies or completing his 400th play through of Skyrim, he spends his time writing for his independent comic book Duality: What We Become. Duality focuses on 6 friends as they learn how to deal with their newly discovered powers in the real world.  
After graduating Parrsboro Regional High School, Ryan spent the next couple years working in kitchens from dishwashing to being a cook. In 2013 he broke into the call centre world, in 2015 he left it and never looked back. He attended the 2015 East Coast Comic Expo where he spent his time spending money he doesn’t have and more importantly spending time promoting his book. While helping fellow Moncton comic creator Larry Higgins (Writer/Creator of Nyobi) watch his table while he made his own geeky rounds he made great contacts including the wonderful Tara, who provided the opportunity to be a part of this blog.
If you would like to speak with Ryan about any future projects or would like him to be a part of yours, he can be reached at dualitycomics@gmail.com.