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Hey Artists! Time’s almost up

Hey Artists! It’s a fun art contest with Prizes! Doodle, Sketch, Scribble, Sulpt and Scratch. The deadline is almost here! Click below to join in and scroll down to see some of the entries.


This amazing morning Everybody finger pointing was entered by Tara Audibert!



A Classic Curtis and Milo by L’il Sam!…


…and this Milo The Catboy is By Shelby Christie! Fantastic!



There’s more to see and you can join in too!
Just go to:

Also Watch Morning EveryBody!
Every Week! Winners will be announced on the show!

nARTcissistic Art Contest

Not too Long ago my fantastic friend Tara wrote a rant about how Art contests should be called “Shart contests”. Because they’re more like a shitty fart than an actual contest a person can compete it. Which is true. She also said it’s okay to enter an art contest as long as it’s for fun. If you enter expecting to win based on artistic merit you will be in for a world of disappointment. Art is subjective and people are the weirdest judges of things.

While she ranted about this I’d entered into an animation contest. A contest that was kind of fun but at a certain point I realized, “This contest isn’t all about me.” I could enjoy it, but like most things in my life: I didn’t just want to be in the contest, I wanted to be the contest. So I thought good and hard about the entire history of the world (As one should always do when making a decision).

Back in the days when I supervised an animation studio full of maniacs, I had business cards. About a thousand business cards. I handed out 6 or 7 of those thousand. One of them is still on my mom’s fridge today.


Everybody used a hi-contrast photo of themselves for their card. When they got to the art nerds: Ron Doucet, James Boyd and Me… we said, “No, we’ll draw ours”. Which super irritated Mike the graphic design engineer (It was fun to irritate Mike). After we submitted our images, some of the “normal” Nonimators wanted cartoon versions of themselves too… we had started a thing and ruined Mike’s week. It was a good week.

The open box of business cards sat on my desk… forever. Animators and visitors would ask, “what are these for?” Then never take one when I said, “They’re for people to take.” Until one day somebody drew on one and added to the the name and/or job title. It was meant to be hurtful but still funny. Later people started using white out to remove the drawing and add their own. Eventually the secret was revealed that you could simply erase what you wanted. With a common house hold pencil eraser. After that people would stop by to grab a handful at a time. One animator said, “What if you run out?” and I replied, “That’s just the first box, there’s another 500 cards in the drawer.”


I posted them all on the wall, even the offensive cards. One person asked what it was for. I asked them what they meant by that. They seemed to think it was some kind of contest, that there was some kind of ending. I said, “No. I’ve asked nobody to do any of these. Not one of them. People just do them. They sometimes ask permission for some reason, but other than that, no… there is no reason but fun”. I should have given out prizes. But I didn’t. I just did my job and occasionally posted a business card on the wall. People were often offended if I didn’t put theirs on the wall right away.


So within my survey of all of time I decided the “Draw-Me” contest was never officially finished or started. So I made an official: Draw Milo and Me Contest with Prizes.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-5-55-50-pmI’m both excited and terrified to see how people see me. It’s probably a huge mistake, but most fun stories start with at least one weird mistake…

…Here’s the video of the beginning of this particular mistake.


Click here for more contest info and to enter.

Anybody can Enter! Draw, Paint, Photoshop, 3D… Whatever you do. I can’t wait to see it.
Have Fun and Post your art on Facebook.com/MorningEveryBody to be participate.



#TBT The Curtis and Tara Show Eps76: You Think You’re Tougher than me? No I Just Don’t Care.


In the beginning there was no No Such Thing as Grown Ups, no Burke and no Gianon the Fortress of Solitude, only the constant conversation between two animators with microphones talking to the world. Listen to how it all began, every Thursday, in a Lord of the Rings length journey, where we search for our mantra and throw grown ups to the fiery pits of Mordor when we conclude that there’s NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS. 

Listen to this weeks NEW NSTAGU Eps #78: Most Racist Road Trip Ever



78! We find out The Village is a movie and a MALL! We get fast and delightful 7, and visit bed bath and beyong amazing. We made a music video and Tara needs someone to Obey her commands. Join us in our return road trip! We aim to inspire and lead by example by being successful non-grown ups.

Watch our EPIC RAP BATTLE Music Video!
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#TBT The Curtis and Tara Show Eps 72: A Billion Dollars for a Jug of Water


In the beginning there was no No Such Thing as Grown Ups, no Burke and no Gianon the Fortress of Solitude, only the constant conversation between two animators with microphones talking to the world. Listen to how it all began, every Thursday, in a Lord of the Rings length journey, where we search for our mantra and throw grown ups to the fiery pits of Mordor when we conclude that there’s NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS. 

Listen to this weeks NEW NSTAGU Eps #75: The Frugal Snack Scam

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Day in the life of an Artist: Daniel Szilagyi UI Artist & VCAD Instructor


Day in the life of an artist : Daniel Szilagyi

Thanks for stopping by! When I started going to film school one of the things that was really amazing to me was to hear stories of artists I looked up to and how their days were!

I don’t think my day is nearly as exciting as some of those amazing people but hope to give a better glimpse as to what my day looks like time to time!

I work as a UI artist at a smaller tech start up in Vancouver where we work at racing and betting, as well as a freelance artist and part time instructor at VCAD ( Vancouver College of Art & Design )

It all starts here in my room though I get up to get ready most of the time around 8am ( I get up around 7am if I head to life drawing classes at VCAD )


I get up and check my desk ( love the art books and comics ) and then make my way over to the turtle tank to say hi to my turtles ( Fatty and Winnie )



Next it’s time to really wake up and get going with one of the loves of my life…


Mmm pixel hearts


I love to get ready and make sure all my stuff is packed ahead of time so I get my lunch and snacks ready, this time I have water and juices for later plus some good lunch, my headphones for travel music before I’m ready to depart.


The view from my balcony, so I know today ( like most days ) will be a rainy one…better grab my jacket.


View before I lock up and leave ( the painting is my mom’s! )


I hate waiting for the bus sometimes and since I sit most of the day I try and make sure to walk as much as I can, this route takes me about 15mins to get to the train to catch my train downtown to work.


After a train ride, catching another bus across a bridge. I finally can walk to work! this is the view from under the bridge ( Granville Island ) it sounds like a long trip just to get to work but honestly it’s about 45mins from door to door and I don’t live near the core city ( Vancouver )


On the plus side the island has some cool graffiti / Street art every once in a while if you look around, I spotted this guy today.

IMG_20150206_124201 IMG_20150206_124346

Today one of my co-workers at the studio bought in a whole bunch of older Marvel and Image comics original art work signed by the artists from comic cons back in the 80’s in the pics these are done by John Bryne of classic X-Men Fame. I try to share stuff with people who are interested in the same things as me and sometimes I see cool stuff like this and makes the days at the studio fun.


I start my work day by checking my emails to see what’s urgent, if we don’t have a morning meeting or stand up I get to work on my tasks for the day.


I’m doing some webpage design and layout today using photoshop, but other days I might be working on mobile UI assets, UX/wireframes or dealing with contractors, our business is growing and new tasks sometimes come up daily and other days it’s more relaxed.


It’s lunch time! so after eating I like to walk around and get some air, sometimes I go near the pond to see the geese ( the most unCanadian animal ever ) or the turtles and ducks.


Have a pretty good view and thankfully we’re still small but I’m about to end my day, tonight I head over to teach at the school downtown.

I teach character design and next term mobile design and theory.


Finally after teaching class I make my way home from downtown and get ready for the next day.

On nights I don’t teach I usually go home to make some dinner and then relax, draw or work on my freelance work.

That’s it! I’m happy to have shared my day and I hope it’s interesting to someone.

My work can be found at my portfolio

Daniel Szilagyi is an artist living and working in Vancouver BC. He has worked in the TV animation industry since 2006 in several production roles ranging from color, character design, storyboarding, flash builds and 2D digital animation.
He moved into gaming in 2011 and since then has worked for indie game studios and start ups to larger well known local game studios in such roles as art lead, artist, UI/UX designer and digital animator. He currently works at a smaller start up, focusing on wagering and freelance in his spare time for a local studio for 2D assets. He also teaches at VCAD part time.

Cosmic Comic Tuesday: No Such Thing as…Alien Life Forms by Curtis Carey


And you can eat a cat too kids! Follow our wordpress so you never miss out, we have a surprise for you everyday!

A Weekend in the Life of an Artist: Shelbo Baggins 3D Artist

DISCLAIMER: No cats were harmed in the making of this blog post. All cats were heavily compensated with Whiskas Temptations (cat treats) and cuddled immediately after the videos and photos in which they appeared. I cannot, however, guarantee that any human in this post was treated the same.

Also, anything documented in this blog post was not endorsed by any person associated with this blog other than myself. If you’re going to get mad at someone, get mad at me! 

Hello everyone. My name is Shelby, and I’m a recovering alco-

Damn. Wrong blog! Sometimes it’s kinda hard to keep track with all of the different computer tabs open. (#blogwhore)
Anyway, to correct my earlier attempt at introducing myself, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY who I am and a few things that I like. Then, after that is all said and done, you’ll be joining me on a magical weekend adventure!

– My full name is Shelby Ann Christie.

– The name Shelbo Baggins is a mix of a childhood nickname (Shelbo, used by family and close friends) and the fact that I really love The Hobbit. Credz to my uncle for coming up with it when I was around 10 or so years old. Thanks Greg!

– I’m an artist.

– I’m 21.

– I LOVE Gundams. (I will explain this later)

– I have a cat.

– I have lots of freckles.

– I am a grown up.

If non-disclosure agreements didn’t exist, then I would be showing you what it’s like to work at our game studio/front, Egg Roll Digital Studios. However! Due to all of the sensitive material and secret genetic experiments we’re working on, I can’t exactly document my work day. Thus, we begin with Caturday morning.

Saturday morning usually starts with my cat, Big Redd, putting his paws in my face and biting my nose until I get up to feed him. This could happen anywhere between 6-9am. He’s usually pretty good and wakes me up a bit later, but he’s pretty much my weekend alarm clock. I get up when he wants me to.

He likes chin scratches.
He likes chin scratches.
Soooo, food?

I had a few things to do on Saturday.
So obviously, getting ready in the morning consisted of taking way too many “selfies” (I did not jump on that bandwagon, so it was awkward) all while trying to make sure that the cat stayed still so we could take a decent one together. I rolled around on the floor with him till I got a couple worth showing.

“I have a whole new respect for the selfie culture now that I realize how hard it is to take a good one.” – Shelby Christie, 2015. I’m so full of it that I quote myself on a regular basis.


Human! You are choking me!
Human! You are choking me!

Fuzz butt has had enough of cuddling. Anyway, I looked at the calendar to see if anything cool was happening that day.


I have a Gundam Calendar. Nothing cool happened, but-

IMG_1743 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1749

Whoops! How did all of those get in there? You would think I was using this as an excuse to show off my calender.

(Here, n00bs! Educate yourselves on the wonder that is GUNDAM! I know I said I would but here’s all you need to know if you don’t want to click the link: GIANT ROBOTS!!!)

You can buy model building kits based off of pretty much any suit in any Gundam series ever. Gundam Plastic Models, or GUNPLA as the hardcore people say, are super fun to build and are really fun to pose. I have 5 kits in total, though most are in their respective boxes because I don’t want the cat to destroy them. Some day I’ll be able to display them. Some day…

So, first item on the list is the package. TO THE POST OFFICE!!

(Don’t you love the camera angle?)



SGJSKLHKLJDFHK;/GGF PACKAGE WAS NOT AT THE PHARMACY. Anyway, the rest of this day pretty much ended in failure. I did not get anything else on my list done because I was discouraged and then I went home. I watched some cool shows with my friends later on that night, though I forgot to document it. However! Here is a character from the show we watched. Major Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist!

The buff guy. Seriously, one of the coolest characters ever. He always finds a way to rip his uniform off and show everyone his muscles. There is a constant cloud of sparkles that follows him everywhere he goes. He’s trying to make the two other characters, Ed and Al, feel better because they were in the hospital. Naturally, the only way to do that was to inspire them with his impressive physique.

I did some art of him.




Sunday starts the same way that Saturday does. My own personal cat alarm clock needs to be fed in order to remain functional.

Aye, the world is cruel. They took me legs, Jim. They took me legs…

IMG_1732 IMG_1739

Apartment/Cat Junk. Can you see my Gundam calendar on the wall? I can.

A few of my friends and I decided it would be worth going to the grocery store in a mini-storm so we could purchase ingredients for a supper thing that we do sometimes.
Here are the three hooligans I travelled with:


la la la
Dafuq u lookin at
just kiddin! ohayou shelby-senpai!!


Simon ponders the mysteries of the universe while deciding whether or not he needs a cabbage.


Dede readies himself as we head back out into the storm.

On our way back we were facing the wind. Not much happened, though it was a bit of a sucky commute. Everyone went their separate ways once we got back, but only for a few hours while I prepped some food.

On today’s menu:


and weaponized cream of broccoli soup.


Dede could not make it because he had to work, but we saved him some left overs! WOO!

I forgot to document the rest of the day after that. I did snag this picture of Simon, though!


I think we watched David Blaine and some AFV after food. Everyone left at 10 though because I was tired and I’m a loser who goes to bed early.

Anywho! That concludes this weekend’s activities. It’s a common thing for us to get together like this and it’s awesome. They’re a fun crowd 😀

ALSO, just so nobody freaks out, the oven was not on when I put the cat inside. The little click that you heard was me turning on the light so we could see inside. Like the disclaimer at the beginning says, he was not harmed. He was in there for maybe 10 seconds before I let him out and smothered him in treats and hugs so he would forgive me. He’s a good little actor though! What a champ for putting up with this.

Thank you to Tara Audibert and Curtis Carey for letting me tell you about my weekend. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed reading! It was a cool thing to document, so I encourage anyone else who was thinking of participating to do so!

Also, thanks to everyone/everycat for making an appearance. You made this post so much better!


I’m hoping to get a table at Animaritimes this year. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it is the longest running nerdist/anime/videogames convention in the maritimes. I do believe it’s going to be my 7-8th year going but I’m not sure. Anyway, stop by my booth! Assuming I get into the artist’s alley. Yeah, you’ll recognize me by the Major Armstrong prints and things I will be selling. I do have a blog though I don’t exactly update it very often. However! if you want to see examples of my recent work AND/OR you are interested in commissioning some art from me, e-mail me at shelbobears@gmail.com and I shall send you all the info/prices. I accept paypal and EMT’s, but if you are going to Animaritimes then I can give you your art and you can give me $$$! WOO!

Blog: http://shelbobaggins.blogspot.ca/

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/shelbosartpage

Shelby Christie (°1993, Bathurst, Canada) is a Junior 3D artist who lives and works in Miramichi, New Brunswick. She enjoys watching Gundam, playing video games, drawing and hanging out with her siblings. She has one cat (née Big Redd) who has been affectionately nicknamed “Pronce”, after a Saturday Night Live skit where they make fun of Prince.  

After finishing three years of art/animation college at NBCC Miramichi, she found work at a mobile games studio called Egg Roll Digital Studios. They are currently in the middle of production on a game that they hope will make them real contenders in the mobile market.

#TBT The Curtis and Tara Show eps 64: I Just Feel Like the Biggest Loser in the Theatre


In the beginning there was no No Such Thing as Grown Ups, no Burke and no Gianon the Fortress of Solitude, only the constant conversation between two animators with microphones talking to the world. Listen to how it all began, every Thursday, in a Lord of the Rings length journey, where we search for our mantra and throw grown ups to the fiery pits of Mordor when we conclude that there’s NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS. 

Listen to this weeks NSTAGU Eps #72: Couchcast with a cold

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A Day in the Life of an Artist : Josie Cable-Russell , Carpenter by day, Animator by night.


So I decided this is a pretty big deal, since I never get to talk about myself. My name is Josie and i’m a double-swinging career person. I will build houses, pipes, all kinds of fun stuff during the day, sometimes even make some pretty little flowers made out of metal ( don’t worry i’ll pop those in here) then when i’m done that for the day, I put on my Animator hat and I sit my sore butt down and do some animating till i’m too tired to function, then I sleep.


This is me, don’t let the blue eyes fool ya, this is a hard working East Coaster right here. I was born , raised and completed my Animation degree in beautiful Miramichi , NB. This picture was actually taken in what I would consider my second home, in Calgary ,Alberta, and then I finally made my way to this beautiful Edmonton , Alberta . Where I actually plan on staying for a little while!

So by morning ( I know, get on with it )  I wake up to my alarm going off at 6:40, at least most days, other days i’m awakened by my screaming, meowing cats who like to think they get starved through the night and have to wake me up to let me know.

This is Mowgli, she’s actually the quiet one. As you can see, bowls are not empty. Never stops them.


Next I get a protein shake ready, brush my teeth, pop my eyes in, and in 5 minutes i’m ready to brave the cold harsh winter of Edmonton. With all our no snow, and such, i’m out the door at 7:10 and off to the gym.


I get to the gym, after I drag my workout and life partner in crime with me at 7:30,  get my sweat on , lift some big weights ( i’m currently training for a fit competition as well) then i’m off to training/work.

IMG_3926 IMG_3925

Then I get to the building, drink my nummy protein shake, and get to work, which ends up being filled with fun little projects.

IMG_3936 IMG_3853 IMG_3908

Then I get to come home around 5 PM to this.

IMG_3941 IMG_3935

I stuff my face, then I sit down to animate, which i’m currently working in between three different shows for Loogaroo, the studio I started at in Miramichi.  I get to work on some really cool shows for Mondo Media, they’re Terrificland, Giraffe Cops, and Dee Tremendous ( my favourite ). I highly recommend checking them out, within that time where I stare blankly at a screen sometimes longer than I should, I also catch up on the NSTAGU podcast, which is just as good as the shows I work on, so be sure to follow those tigers as well and when I have extra time, I work on a comic book by All Christian Comics!

IMG_3939 IMG_3938 IMG_3937

As you can see, I usually have an audience of one or two.

Then when 10PM rolls around, I get ready for wonderful sleep , cuddles and cartoon time with my lovely girlfriend that seems to never see me through the long weeks !

Rinse and Repeat.

I love what I do, the deadlines in both careers, the pressure of always being on the go, there is nothing more rewarding then being an artist, and I hope all my fellow artists out there get to say the same, especially when you get to see with your own eyes and everyone else gets to see the things you do!

Thanks No Such Thing as Grown-ups for reminding me everyday, that i’m never going to grow up! Just get older and wiser, but continue to be that little kid at heart!

Thanks for checking me out! You can find some of my art( website is being revamped) here-http://josecjmh.wix.com/jcportfolio

and also links for the shows I work on , because I know you’ll laugh.

Josie Cable-Russell lives in Edmonton, AB and is a classically trained animator, who works digitally in Adobe Flash. Her enthusiasm has been ever resourceful in helping her achieve her goals. She is a Jill of all Trades and goes full force in tackling whatever comes her way! Check out Josie’s work!