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NSTAGU163: Autism Feet

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NSTAGU163: Autism Feet

This Week we Talk about going to the ECCE comic expo. Tara learns to play the Last Unicorn. How to Work at an animation Studio. Ones, Twos, and Threes. Improv Fun. Tara makes a Film at 24 frames per second! ADHD, Social Anxiety and Autism Feet. Greg selling his Hoardings. Be your best Mark Oakley. New Star Drop is on it’s way. Tara Goes to Therapy town.
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Hey Artists! Time’s almost up

Hey Artists! It’s a fun art contest with Prizes! Doodle, Sketch, Scribble, Sulpt and Scratch. The deadline is almost here! Click below to join in and scroll down to see some of the entries.


This amazing morning Everybody finger pointing was entered by Tara Audibert!



A Classic Curtis and Milo by L’il Sam!…


…and this Milo The Catboy is By Shelby Christie! Fantastic!



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104: Meeting Chris Hemsworth NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS PODCAST


Leaving town to get get repairs and kicking actual snow in real life! Horror movie Mall adventures and zombies at Christmas! Everybody is limping! Where am I? Eating horrible food to makes you feel better! Secrets of HalCon and hanging out with Mr. Christopher Hemsworth! www.dearinnerdemons.com
Kevin J Forbes Watches us talk. Andrew Clark and his Comic Adam One! Troy Little and his Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Graphic Novel, Brenda Little and the My Little Ponies! Married at first sight!

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No Such Thing As Reviews #12 Psychosis Issue #2! Independent Comic And Pop Culture Reviews.

Hello everybody and welcome to this weeks edition of No Such Thing As Reviews! Otherwise known as N S T A R (These are hard, I’m taking a week off. Get off my back about it. Sheesh). I’m Ryan Atkinson and every week here on No Such Thing As Reviews we’ll be reviewing independent comic books, t.v., movies and much more! In our reviews we will include a brief description of what we will be reviewing, a summary of the content (Spoiler Alert!!) my personal thoughts on the content including a rating out of 5 and whenever possible we will include an interview with the creators themselves!

This week on No Such Thing As Reviews we’ll be moving on to another issue of something previously reviewed in the first edition of No Such Thing As Reviews with Psychosis issue#2! Written by Adam Atkinson (No relation) with cover work and interior work by David Coates and shading done by Christian Stewart.

psychosis 2.jpg

Issue 2 picks up pretty close to where book 1 left off. We’re at the funeral of the girl who died in the last book. There is a group of people standing around her body atop a pyre. We get some dialogue from Victor giving us a quote that means a great deal to him. “Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more.”He then proceeds to blame himself and wish that it was him in her place now.

He drops to his knees and we get taken to a flashback of his childhood at an orphanage. He is being comforted by a staff member by the looks of her, as they are standing around another funeral pyre.

Victor says it was his job to look out for the dead child but the woman comforts him again and says it isn’t his fault.

The woman walks away and another kid comes over to Victor and tells him exactly that, it’s all his fault.

The kid then knocks one of Victors teeth out.

Victor falls to the ground and Psychosis takes over. He beats the holy shit out of the dickhead kid to the point where other children have to rush in and pull Victor off of him.

All the while through this flashback we are told through narration from present Victor that this was the first time he felt totally helpless. He saw himself as weak and defenseless and the dormant Psychosis inside him had enough of staying on the sidelines and finally broke into the picture.

There is also some banter thrown in from Psychosis agreeing with things like Victor being too weak to handle himself alone.

But they can both agree with one thing. Together they’re unstoppable.

We see that Victor has been passed out for this whole flashback when he is awoken by some of his group. He asks how long he was out and the scientist-y looking member of the group says he was out for four hours.

He says they need to run some more tests on Victor on what I assume is trying to figure out what causes his Psychosis blackouts.

The doctor says there have been no clear answers as of yet but more tests need to be done.

Victor gets up and leaves to check in with a person named Alex.

Alex is a guy confined to a wheelchair. He greets Victor and is glad that he’s finally awake. Victor asks if there is any news in the world and Alex says not much except that someone called Vegas is planning a party.

Victor tells him to keep him posted.

Victor then speaks to a girl in the room and mentions she seems to be adjusting well. She says that she is so far and Victor begins to tell her that if she needs anything he’s here for her but she cuts him off. They both understand each other though so it’s all good.

Alex hands Victor a tablet and tells him he’s gathered all the information he has on “The Brothers” so far.

“The Brothers” are Brian “Arc” Barrieau and Lissandro Gutierriez (AKA The Son Of Hades). Arc’s weapon of choice is a Viking styled battleaxe that allows him to harness his body’s electrical field. The Son Of Hades wields a flaming sword that when it cuts you the wound takes ages longer to heal than normal. It is also rumored that with the sword he is able to steal your soul but there is no proof of that as of yet.

Alex warns Victor that these guys aren’t to be messed with, that they’ll straight up murder him if he goes up against them and Victor says that’s all the more reason to go after them, they can’t be allowed to be roaming around.

Alex is worried but Victor reassures  him that he’ll be fine.

Victor leaves and goes to meet with his Sensei. On the way Psychosis is toying with him agreeing that these guys are too tough for Victor, or “Vicky” as he calls him.

The Sensei seems to be able to hear the banter between Psychosis and Victor in their head.

The purpose of the old man is to help Victor live in harmony with Psychosis because though Victor is a good man and his intentions are good, Psychosis is willing to do what is necessary and Victor isn’t quite.

We come to this over the next couple pages while the old guy and Victor spar and Psychosis mouths off in Victors head. The Sensei can hear it obviously and takes advantage of Victor being distracted and gets a shot in. Psychosis takes over and pummels the old fella.

Victor eventually takes control again but this is when the Sensei hears Psychosis say in his head that Victor can’t survive without him. Sensei agrees.

Victor walks into a boardroom with a huge screen playing video of a pair of people walking down a street with tons of spectators lining the sides of the road, stoning the pair.

Some of the group in the room don’t understand why no one steps in to help and Victor says it’s because some are afraid and some just enjoy it.

Victor speaks with Psychosis directly and says they need to work together to stop what is happening and Psychosis agrees.

He goes to suit up and the Sensei is in his room to tell him to share control, to work together, neither one can be the one in control, they need to cooperate.

Psychosis begrudgingly agrees fully with the old guy.

The last shot if the book is Psychosis agreeing over top of an image of Victor holding a photograph of young him with two other children.


And that’s the end of issue 2 of Psychosis!

This is a good continuation of the last book, some independent books seem to have a hard time continuing a cohesive story from one issue to the next but Adam has done a good job of keeping everything linear.

I really like this book, in my opinion I like issue one a little bit more but don’t let that come across that I dislike this issue by any means! This is a great book and I can’t wait to see where it leads to next!

My rating of this book is as follows:

Story- 4/5
Artwork- 4/5

I would for sure recommend this issue and series for anyone at all it has elements that can appeal to many different kinds of fans, just keeping in mind a parental discretion warning for having coarse language and mature themes.

I’d like to give a big congrats to Adam & Team as Psychosis has just been picked up by Outpouring Comics!


A big congrats to Lisa Corey and Denis Cote! Lisa proposed to Denis at the end of this book and he said yes! WAY TO GO GUYS! :)`

Thanks for reading, everybody. If you’re an independent creator and would like us to review your works just comment below or feel free to contact me directly at atkinsonryang@gmail.com!

I’ve been Ryan Atkinson and remember,

There’s No Such Thing As Reviews!

No Such Thing As Reviews #11 Disunity Issue #2! Independent comic and pop culture reviews.

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of No Such Thing As Reviews! Otherwise known as Nautical Star Tattoos Are Ridiculous (Even though I sort of have one).

I’m Ryan Atkinson and every week here on No Such Thing As Reviews, we’ll be reviewing a plethora of pop culture and wonderful things! Most often will be independent comic books, but who knows, T.V., movies and many other things may show up. The reviews will consist of a brief overview of what we will be reviewing, a small summary of the content (SPOILER ALERT!!), my personal thoughts on the content including a rating out of 5 and whenever possible we will include an interview with the creators as well!

This week we’re still in the realm of comic books and we’re taking a look at the second issue of something already reviewed! We’ll be looking at Disunity Issue 2 by Ron Batchelor and Rem Fields.


The book opens with a cityscape on top of a glowey, squirmy looking ball of.. stuff. With birds flying all around it and a spaceship travelling towards it. We are told through voice over that it is a location called Tartarus and like many things in the world, it shouldn’t be here.

We are told that its buildings are made from “Recombinant Metalloids” which allow the rooms to adapt to the people inside them.

Our Chuck Norris-esque protagonist John enters one of these rooms and is greeted by a room full of people. Cronus a pale white bald being with no nose to speak of, Porter a guy with light blue hair that seems to be wearing a bath robe, Cayce a woman with markings or tattoos all over her body, Jayden a blonde haired woman and a cowboy named Lee. They then discuss the need to find out where Stump was getting his information prior to his murder. One member of the group asks “What if there isn’t any?” and John gets a little grumpy at the notion that they think he  or Stump are lying. Another steps in and calms him down by saying all that was meant is what if this is a trap to lure them out because it wouldn’t be the first time.

John then explains that there’s no way for him to know that for sure but he isn’t about to just sit idly by and do nothing.

John explains that a sample of Stump’s tissue is all ready to examined, and tells the Cayce  to get a lock on their target from it asap without wearing herself out too much. We also learn that she is a telepath.

He then asks Cayce what the deal is with Lee and the cowboy stuff because he looks dumb.

We then go back to the group where Lee is talking with Cronus. Lee mentions that he looks like hes got a bad feeling and Cronus says he believes that they’re all heading into a bad situation.

Porter says of course it is because it’s one of John’s plans and that he’s done being a foot soldier in a seemingly unwinnable war. Lee asks  what he means and Porter says that no matter what happens he quits their little crusade because Stump was one of them and he doesn’t want to end up just like him. There’s an island in the pacific that he plans on running to that hasn’t had a Phase Event in years and hopefully he’ll be able to stay there in peace.

Jump back over to John and Cayce. Cayce is hooked up to a machine that allows her abilities to be amplified which allows her to view images f the past, present and future. Past and present are a breeze but with all the Phase nonsense the future can be pretty garbled up.

Too bad for Cayce though that focusing on Stump causes her to feel all the emotions that he felt when he was murdered.

In her pain she gets a glimpse of the one who murdered him but also of another person that we don’t know as of yet.

Cut over to John talking with the group, he is going over the events of Stump’s murder and what followed. He mentions the guy teleporting away and Cronus cuts him off and says he didn’t teleport, he phased. Which John calls out as bullshit because no one could possible be able to harness a controlled phase.

Cronus says he is certain based on what their equipment has picked up about the event.

John says if it’s true the guy could be anywhere and Cronus says based on his final message of “See you soon” the problem will most likely solve itself.

Cayce cuts them off because she’s got a lock on that other person in her vision. It’s their old friend Squeak.

They head on over to Fero City where Squeak is at and we learn that the city was another place effected by the Phase. It popped up as an empty ghost town and it’s turned into somewhat of a refugee camp.

John gets warned by a robot to just turn around because the folks in the bar don’t take kindly to native folks but John goes in anyway.

He finds Squeak surrounded by a bunch of chicks.  Not bad for a giant lemur with three toes on each foot. Squeak freaks at the sight of John and throws his whiskey bottle at him and bolts. John follows him out of the bar and Squeak is jumping up a fire escape and John decides to just let him wear himself out.

Porter rings up John asking if he needs his help and John says yeah cause hes running. We see Porter on John’s phone through video chat and it shows Porter’s name and his location set to “home”. Then we see it show a bunch of smoke with Porter’s name still up but the location set to unknown.

He then pops up showing he’s teleported to stop Squeak.

Squeak get’s brought in for questioning about Stump. We learn that his employer, Desai, hired him to set up a meet and greet with him.

They ask who Desai is and Squeek explains that he is the owner of the biggest barter city on the planet. Las Vegas. A wasteland as far as the group knows but Squeak insists and makes sure they know not to use his name if they go digging.

John insists that they are going and Cayce cautions against it because it’s an obvious trap. She keeps trying to talk him out of it and he persists.

We learn that Vegas is where John got dropped when he went through the wormhole. He is unconscious but gets woken up by a woman running by because there is some kind of monster coming their way so he better haul ass.

And it is one hell of a monster. 7 eyes, 4 of which are hanging out of its face by tendrils. A bunch of extra limbs but most of them have big spikes on the ends instead of hands or feet, it towers over John nearly if not for sure double his size. It gets ready to eat him then KABLAMO some guy shoots it in the head. Phew.

John asks him what that thing was and he is a bit sarcastic about it, really.. “How should I know? The worlds gone to shit and we’re all out of toilet paper”. Dink.

Then ANOTHER big monster shows up, this one sort of a Kraken-ish but on land tentacley squid thing with a hairy underside and the eyes of a fly. Or multiple flies.

The guy tries to kill it but it gets the jump on him. He shouts to John for help and he grabs a huge slab of concrete that is next to him and hurls it at the monster. But he misses and hits his would be savior square in the noggin. Good one John. He then grabs the guys gun and shoots the hell out of the monster. Less sarcastic good one John!

The guy gets free and John barfs his guts out.

Then we jump back to present and we learn that John hasn’t been back in decades.

End of Issue 2!

I didn’t go as spoilery as normal, I glazed over some things but that’s only because this book just came out for one, but also I think it’s really worth a read through.

My rating for this book is as follows:

Story- 4.5/5
Artwork- 4/5

I would for sure recommend this book for everyone to read if you like sci-fi and action based mystery stories.

I really liked the first book of this series and I really like the second!

I didn’t grab an interview for this one but that’s only because we interviewed them last time so check out issue one’s review linked earlier in this review!

I’d like to thank Rem for reaching out! As I mentioned the book came out today and I’ve had the book for a little bit now so it was cool to get to read it in advance!

You can find issue two for sale on Comixology here.

If you’re an independent creator and would like your works reviewed please feel free to contact me at atkinsonryang@gmail.com! And that’s for anything at all, comics, books, films, music, decorative lawn furniture.

Thank you all for reading!

I’ve been Ryan The Spectacular and remember,

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No Such Thing As Reviews #10: Nyobi Issue 1. Independent and Pop Culture Reviews

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of No Such Thing As Reviews! Otherwise known as Next September They’re All Retired <– sheesh these are getting harder than I anticipated….

I’m Ryan Atkinson and every Tuesday here on No Such Thing As Reviews, we’ll be reviewing a plethora of pop culture and wonderful things! Most often will be independent comic books, but who knows, T.V., movies and many other things may show up. The reviews will consist of a brief overview of what we will be reviewing, a small summary of the content (SPOILER ALERT!!), my personal thoughts on the content including a rating out of 5 and whenever possible we will include an interview with the creators as well!
This week I’ll be reviewing the comic book Nyobi issue #1. Nyobi was created and is written by Larry Higgins with the cover artwork and interior shading done by Andre Boulard and the interior artwork done by David Coates.

nyobi 1 cover
The main character of this story, Nyobi Lee, is a Japanese/American J-Pop star from the group “The Geisha Girls”. When she was 16 at a fan meet and greet, after being swarmed by a large group of fans was engulfed in a ring of bright light and vanished, reappearing at the back of the building she also finds out at a later date that she is able to use the same fields she teleports through for energy blasts.
Nyobi as a character was first thought up by Larry Higgins as an RPG character back nearly 20 years ago and has evolved into quite a heroine in her own right.
The story in issue #1 centers around Lucas Cassie, a teenager who is going through a bout of depression and is stumbled upon by a – for a lack of better words – shadowy demon that feeds off of the sadness, hate and despair of the world. This demon can sense how strong Lucas’ negative energy is and decides to jump on the opportunity to siphon off of Lucas and in the same instance increase his depression.
We follow Lucas through a typically rough school day for him, the only upside to the day is his crush says hello to him out of nowhere and brightens up his day. Until later in the day her boyfriend stops Lucas out in the school yard. Feeds him the “Stay away from my girl..” line and starts to beat him to a pulp until she comes in and seems to intervene. She gets the bully to stop just long enough for her to help him up, and give him a swift kick in the nuts.
This proves to be the last straw for Lucas and he decides, to the shadow demons delight, that he will commit suicide once he gets home to the high rise apartment he and his family live in.
He writes his note, and proceeds to jump from the balcony.
Meanwhile while this is happening, Nyobi is getting ready for a meeting and learns over social media that a fan of hers is planning on committing suicide and she finds out Lucas’ address and immediately teleports to his apartment and proceeds to catch him mid-air.
The book ends on a cliffhanger, once the ordeal is over, Nyobi is speaking with her agent and she mentions that her nose is bleeding. And ends with Nyobi looking frightened as old hell.
Overall I really liked this book. I’ve had some troubles with depression myself over the years and this story is a refreshing take on the superhero(ine) mythos.

Larry has assured the fans of his book that some questions that were left unanswered (including the bleeding nose and the shadow demon) are addressed in future issues and in issue 2 we will meet Nyobi’s first true villain, Avani.
I’m a huge fan of David Coates’ artwork, both in this book and in general and Andre Boulard did an amazing job on the cover and shading.

My rating for this book is:
Artwork- 4/5

I would for sure recommend this book to anyone keeping in mind that this book does contain coarse language and mature themes, so parental discretion is advised.
Unfortunately this week there is no interview, womp womp. But that is only because issue #2 is right around the corner and we’ll be interviewing Larry Higgins for that issue!


Thank you all for reading! If you’re an independent  creator and would like to have your work reviewed please contact me directly at atkinsonryang@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you asap!

If you have any suggestions for next weeks alternate acronym (N.S.T.A.R.) leave a comment below!

I’ve been Ryan The Spectacular and remember, there’s no such thing as reviews!