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​Winter is Always Coming

It’s that time of year when I add yet another blanket to the bed. The same time of year I try to figure out a way to live my life from under these comforting comforter blankets.

I usually don’t think of any reasonable solution aside from finding a crazy rich lady. One who thinks I’m adorable when I’m wrapped in blankets and does everything in her power to keep me there and happy. Kind of like all those memes about how to “keep your woman happy”.
Sure I’d get bored of it like the meme-women do. The winter months, however, would be pure bliss though. Pure bliss and hot apple pie from the grocery store(I assume)

The other option is to set up all the gear for my YouTube Morning show in my bedroom. Just wake up and say, “Morning Everybody!” Then talk about how great it is to be a blanket-person. Then complain about how difficult it is to get food delivery people to come to your bedroom.
Of course interviewing the delivery people that ARE willing could be fun, until I realize they steal from me. It’s just a fact that everything in the next room would be fair game. A real good-news/bad=news situation.

Like Lisa Simpson paraphrased, “Crisis and Opportunity are the same thing”. The crisis of getting out of bed in Canada is also the opportunity to reboot my own version of “the Big Comfy Couch” which would be “Curtis’ Collection of Comfy Comforters”.

If you’re already watching the show each Friday, you know I already have cartoon characters and puppets to talk too. There has even been a clown. Sure it set me on fire…but it was a warm Christmassy fire. The only thing I seem to be doing wrong with this show… is getting out of bed.
Every show thus far, is delivered by sitting in fun chairs with interesting weirdos. But only Joan Rivers did her YouTube show from bed, and it was great. I’ll just be adding more blankets and imaginary guests. It sounds like a good formula for happiness… therefore it must be!

Now that I’m down to 20% battery power I have to decide to make some changes: so that my own little world fits me, or to get out of bed and try to fit in the world around me? It’s a tough decision filled with crisis and opportunity.

In the end I have to think, episode 46 was the best I’ve done so far. There’s no way to make an episode 46 from my bed. Charging alone requires getting an extension cord in here. I can’t possibly sleep with a pile of electricity filled cords surrounding my bed like sleepy eels. Another crisis. Easily solved by the opportunities I’ve already created in the next room.

I’ve also managed to avoid learning about “bed-sores” my whole life. First-hand is not the way I plan to learn about them. So I’ll get up, open curtains and lights and follow my imaginary heroes the Muppet’s and the Loony Tunes because – on with the show… this is it.

Winter will always be here or on its way. So will crisis which means there is always another opportunity with which to warm One’s self from the inside out.

Like a Clown-fire.

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