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M.E. 60: Hunting Famous People

This week we draw some famous people and get hunted by Fanta! Plus some fun with Batman, Lisa Loeb, Rory Scovel and Jack Nicholson. Plus A visit form L’il Sam, Carrie, magic and more!

#Fanta #Animation #Cartoons #Drawing

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Bears, Tattoos, Puppets and Cats

This Week we have a Tattoo, a Bloody Milo, a Bear that is a puppet, a penguin and some Fanta! Plus a Cartoon and More!
#Fanta #Penguin #Cats #Illustration #Tattoos

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NSTAGU150: Reverse Murder

NSTAGU_Show Thumb2.jpgClick here to Listen now

NSTAGU150: Reverse Murder

This Week we talk about Nuts and gratification. The frozen world and prepping versus hoarding. More Ukulele fun and improvised hilarity! What if A game show host ran a country. Hoarders that don’t know they hoard. Flushing in the apocalypse. And more Dog breathing. Stop motion Club. #Power #howitworks #Ukulele #goodperson #hoarding Watch Morning Everybody  http://tinyurl.com/gwdxdo5

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Music by Brad Sucks

Hey Artists! Time’s almost up

Hey Artists! It’s a fun art contest with Prizes! Doodle, Sketch, Scribble, Sulpt and Scratch. The deadline is almost here! Click below to join in and scroll down to see some of the entries.


This amazing morning Everybody finger pointing was entered by Tara Audibert!



A Classic Curtis and Milo by L’il Sam!…


…and this Milo The Catboy is By Shelby Christie! Fantastic!



There’s more to see and you can join in too!
Just go to:

Also Watch Morning EveryBody!
Every Week! Winners will be announced on the show!

nARTcissistic Art Contest

Not too Long ago my fantastic friend Tara wrote a rant about how Art contests should be called “Shart contests”. Because they’re more like a shitty fart than an actual contest a person can compete it. Which is true. She also said it’s okay to enter an art contest as long as it’s for fun. If you enter expecting to win based on artistic merit you will be in for a world of disappointment. Art is subjective and people are the weirdest judges of things.

While she ranted about this I’d entered into an animation contest. A contest that was kind of fun but at a certain point I realized, “This contest isn’t all about me.” I could enjoy it, but like most things in my life: I didn’t just want to be in the contest, I wanted to be the contest. So I thought good and hard about the entire history of the world (As one should always do when making a decision).

Back in the days when I supervised an animation studio full of maniacs, I had business cards. About a thousand business cards. I handed out 6 or 7 of those thousand. One of them is still on my mom’s fridge today.


Everybody used a hi-contrast photo of themselves for their card. When they got to the art nerds: Ron Doucet, James Boyd and Me… we said, “No, we’ll draw ours”. Which super irritated Mike the graphic design engineer (It was fun to irritate Mike). After we submitted our images, some of the “normal” Nonimators wanted cartoon versions of themselves too… we had started a thing and ruined Mike’s week. It was a good week.

The open box of business cards sat on my desk… forever. Animators and visitors would ask, “what are these for?” Then never take one when I said, “They’re for people to take.” Until one day somebody drew on one and added to the the name and/or job title. It was meant to be hurtful but still funny. Later people started using white out to remove the drawing and add their own. Eventually the secret was revealed that you could simply erase what you wanted. With a common house hold pencil eraser. After that people would stop by to grab a handful at a time. One animator said, “What if you run out?” and I replied, “That’s just the first box, there’s another 500 cards in the drawer.”


I posted them all on the wall, even the offensive cards. One person asked what it was for. I asked them what they meant by that. They seemed to think it was some kind of contest, that there was some kind of ending. I said, “No. I’ve asked nobody to do any of these. Not one of them. People just do them. They sometimes ask permission for some reason, but other than that, no… there is no reason but fun”. I should have given out prizes. But I didn’t. I just did my job and occasionally posted a business card on the wall. People were often offended if I didn’t put theirs on the wall right away.


So within my survey of all of time I decided the “Draw-Me” contest was never officially finished or started. So I made an official: Draw Milo and Me Contest with Prizes.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-5-55-50-pmI’m both excited and terrified to see how people see me. It’s probably a huge mistake, but most fun stories start with at least one weird mistake…

…Here’s the video of the beginning of this particular mistake.


Click here for more contest info and to enter.

Anybody can Enter! Draw, Paint, Photoshop, 3D… Whatever you do. I can’t wait to see it.
Have Fun and Post your art on Facebook.com/MorningEveryBody to be participate.



The Day In The Life Of An Artist: Jenna-Mae Wilson – Artist Of Many Talents


Hey, I am Jenna-Mae Wilson from Albert Mines, New Brunswick, but I am not currently in Moncton. I am a former Animation and Graphics student from NBCC Miramichi, but I did not graduate due to the fact that I needed to take a break because I had to get better control over my anxiety and depression, plus I had to take care of my hands, wrists, and elbows because I have arthritis, carpel tunnel, and tendinitis. Having all of that is a huge pain in the rear.

At the moment, I am not in the industry, but I am in the process of putting together a portfolio. I want to become a character designer for either shows, or video games. I enjoy doing animations, but I don’t have the equipment, nor the programs to do get any practice.

My inspiration for wanting to get into the Animation industry, or anywhere in art is because of Disney movies. I guess that is what I get for becoming so obsessed with Disney at such a young age, which was at the age of three. All I did from then on was watch movies over and over and over again. I was so fascinated over the fact that animated movies were all done by individual drawings, so when I was old enough to pick up a pencil, and I did from then on was draw, draw, and draw some more.

My day as an artist varies from time to time. It depends on my work schedule since I work at Tim Hortons till I can managed to squeeze my way into a job in the art field. It also depends on how productive I feel, and how motivated I am.

This morning when I woke up, I did not feel motivated at all for some reason, so I started my day off with some breakfast, and some shows that I needed to catch up on.


Breakfast and watching @midnight

After catching up on some shows, I tried to sit down to do some drawings, and hopefully work on some of the characters that I have been working on for my portfolio.


This is one of of the characters that I have been working on. Her name is Heidi, who is a high school student, and a huge nerd. I didn’t manage to get any sketches done of her, but I did manage to get some sketches of another character, who is named Santina.

11116123_10153925492654358_48597636_n 11292754_10153925492639358_240326640_n

Original                                           Redesign

I swear every time I draw something, the style always changes. One of the difficulties that I have when it comes to drawing, is keeping a character in the same style as the previous drawing.

After I got some drawings down, I decided to take a break since my mother called me, and I ended up talking to my cats because I heard them in them meowing in the background, which is all they do. They are VERY vocal.

11273754_10153925541129358_1152489678_n 11259038_10153925541154358_2080166067_n

Fluff                                                    Smores

Yes, I talk to my cats on the phone, and yes they do respond to me when I ask them questions.

I would have talked to my two cats, Milo and Souk, but they are outside cats, and I think that they forgot how to meow.



It looks better then it tasted….

Once I got food into my system, I thought that it was time for me to go back to working on drawings, but this time I was in the mood to draw fan art for some odd reason. I’ve seen a lot of art where people draw Disney Princesses, and put them into the villain’s outfit, so I decided to give it a try.


I started off with Ariel because at the time I had Poor Unfortunate Souls stuck in my head. I ALWAYS have Disney songs stuck in my head. I am eventually going to color this digitally, and add it to my collection that includes



and this


Besides not getting much drawing done all day, I took the time to put together some earrings with the supplies that I got off of eBay. I am planing on making more earrings, and sell them, as well as drawings I do for people on Fiverr, as well as commissions for whoever gets one from me, so I can save up money to go to England because I have a friend over there that I have been talking to for eleven years, and I want to meet him. I am also going to one of the bigger Anime conventions that is held up there.

11289705_10153925492694358_485225230_n 11257671_10153925492679358_2082439335_n

Earring Examples!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of my day was not all that interesting seems how I had to go to work! All I have to say is that even though I am now an adult, I am defiantly not no grown up!!


Jenna-Mae Wilson is currently working her way to get herself into the Art Industry. She enjoys drawing, watching Disney movies, playing video games, writing,  painting, and talking to her friend from England. Besides working on getting a portfolio together, she is in the progress of writing a novel, and hopes to get it published after it is finished. She also does drawing commissions.

You can contact her at jennamaewilson@gmail.com for any information for any projects.

A Day in the Life of an Artist: Emily Stride Canadian Indie Comic Artist


Watch Emily’s comic process-

When not fussy over action figures or finding the perfect spot for a blanket fort, Emily works on her original urban fantasy comic series “Dawning on You” and her fan comics which mostly involves robots, feels and plot twists.
After graduating from NBCC Miramichi’s Animation and Graphics course-where she met Tara, Curtis and many other amazing artist-she moved back to the Annapolis Valley and dreams of becoming a Storyboard Artist, or a Super hero.
Contact Emily via emilystride42@gmail.com or though her Deviant Art account littlemissskuld.deviantart.com