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Fun Facts, Ear Buds, and Zac Morris

BlueTooth Headphones are the greatest! The… Great.. essT. Super Greg Number One, even.


My old wireless headphones were as big as two Zac Morris Cell Phones, Plus you had to be in the same room as the base which was another Zac-Phone and a half that needed a wall plug.
Now I can go anywhere with normal sized headphones playing music from my phone or computer or whatever.
So, Yeah. We’ll lose airpods like crazy, and I can tell by looking at them that they’d fall out of my li’l ear-hole in 3 steps… But those Airpods are probably the best. Like, the absolute best? Not the first Gen, of course. But AirPods 3 will be fantastic for sure… when they come with some device upgrade, or show up free in the mail with a signed picture of Bono.

Reg BlueTooth headphones are great though. There’s a thing they’re attached to, so you don’t lose them. Plus the “Thing” part has buttons to adjust volume and skip songs (and answer phones if that’s a thing you do). I bet the Zac Morris of today would love these over that weird Bluetooh ear-piece.

Maybe the Earpods 4 will be great ones. I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up about the Gen3’s over here. I’m Kinda’ just killing time really. My Brand new Mac is in the shop… display is flickering constantly. Fresh out the box. Sounds super common on the internet.

Hey, Remember when apple was the greatest thing? Yeah, Me too.
What were we just talking about today? Ah Yes BlueTooth Headphones are fantactic, Bluetooth earpieces are gross and always remember… Zac Morris could stop time!

The End.
#FunFacts #MorningEveryBody


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