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NSTAGU163: Autism Feet

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NSTAGU163: Autism Feet

This Week we Talk about going to the ECCE comic expo. Tara learns to play the Last Unicorn. How to Work at an animation Studio. Ones, Twos, and Threes. Improv Fun. Tara makes a Film at 24 frames per second! ADHD, Social Anxiety and Autism Feet. Greg selling his Hoardings. Be your best Mark Oakley. New Star Drop is on it’s way. Tara Goes to Therapy town.
#ComicCon #Ukulele #Anxiety #Therapy #Comics

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M.E. 63: I hate Q-Bert

M.E. 63: I hate Q-Bert

This week we Talk about Classic Atari fun, fighting with cartoons, Pacman and Q-bert. Plus a classic Milo Cartoon!

#Atari #Ripley #8Bit #Pacman #Animation

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IndieGoGoing to Nerdtopia

About four years ago my friend Mike created a company and hired me before he hired himself.

He had dreams of becoming successful enough to be eccentric and crazy.

Eccentricly successful enough to move the company to a giant yacht. “I’m never going to work on a boat” I told him, but I never said he couldn’t some day have his boat.

It’s four years later and paying employees to do things is expensive. As Expensive as a boat.  Many reasons have come and gone and sadly and we’re working on our last project before the doors close.

We’re building a desktop Mac/PC game that’s been pretty fun to work on.Nerd_Title I’ve been animating shot cartoons with the characters to build some awareness of Nertopia. But we still need some money to not just finish it. But make it complete and fun and super crazy. I made a Trailer for the game so far.

We’d like to take it further of course. Mike is in the process of doing all the things a business-person does to keep his business alive until the end. One such way is an IndieGoGo campaign. We’re offering a chance to be in the game, art books and many other perks.

It’s hard to work on a last project. With some sales we may come back from the dead. Until then, looking for help to keep going just a bit longer to complete our Nerdtopia.


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Everybody Knows about Fallout 4

When your friends act like they know about Fallout 4.


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You’re not doing anything anybody gives a shit about. The Only nine jobs available in the world! The Age of Aquarius and Ultron. Things change while you wait. Becoming whatever you want to be. Going to jail in disguise. Internet websites and the truth. Lex Luther is running for president IRL.
Ryan Atkins loves comic books for you! Check out our newest No Such Thing as Reviews every Tuesday. Plus Joseph Gordon Levitt gives me anxiety. Hey guys you’re trapped Under the Dome for a week.

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81: Cheers East Coast Comic Expo! NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS PODCAST


Come Spend the Day at the EAST COAST COMIC EXPO! We Hang out With A Dog that is Kelsey Grammer, and get hunted by THE Comic Hunter! Comic Books new and old, and line ups to see Nick Bradshaw! Plus we Spend Victoria Day with the QUEEN! No Big deal, Check it out. #ECCE Pictures on our FB page! 

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A Weekend in the Life of an Artist: Shelbo Baggins 3D Artist

DISCLAIMER: No cats were harmed in the making of this blog post. All cats were heavily compensated with Whiskas Temptations (cat treats) and cuddled immediately after the videos and photos in which they appeared. I cannot, however, guarantee that any human in this post was treated the same.

Also, anything documented in this blog post was not endorsed by any person associated with this blog other than myself. If you’re going to get mad at someone, get mad at me! 

Hello everyone. My name is Shelby, and I’m a recovering alco-

Damn. Wrong blog! Sometimes it’s kinda hard to keep track with all of the different computer tabs open. (#blogwhore)
Anyway, to correct my earlier attempt at introducing myself, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY who I am and a few things that I like. Then, after that is all said and done, you’ll be joining me on a magical weekend adventure!

– My full name is Shelby Ann Christie.

– The name Shelbo Baggins is a mix of a childhood nickname (Shelbo, used by family and close friends) and the fact that I really love The Hobbit. Credz to my uncle for coming up with it when I was around 10 or so years old. Thanks Greg!

– I’m an artist.

– I’m 21.

– I LOVE Gundams. (I will explain this later)

– I have a cat.

– I have lots of freckles.

– I am a grown up.

If non-disclosure agreements didn’t exist, then I would be showing you what it’s like to work at our game studio/front, Egg Roll Digital Studios. However! Due to all of the sensitive material and secret genetic experiments we’re working on, I can’t exactly document my work day. Thus, we begin with Caturday morning.

Saturday morning usually starts with my cat, Big Redd, putting his paws in my face and biting my nose until I get up to feed him. This could happen anywhere between 6-9am. He’s usually pretty good and wakes me up a bit later, but he’s pretty much my weekend alarm clock. I get up when he wants me to.

He likes chin scratches.
He likes chin scratches.
Soooo, food?

I had a few things to do on Saturday.
So obviously, getting ready in the morning consisted of taking way too many “selfies” (I did not jump on that bandwagon, so it was awkward) all while trying to make sure that the cat stayed still so we could take a decent one together. I rolled around on the floor with him till I got a couple worth showing.

“I have a whole new respect for the selfie culture now that I realize how hard it is to take a good one.” – Shelby Christie, 2015. I’m so full of it that I quote myself on a regular basis.


Human! You are choking me!
Human! You are choking me!

Fuzz butt has had enough of cuddling. Anyway, I looked at the calendar to see if anything cool was happening that day.


I have a Gundam Calendar. Nothing cool happened, but-

IMG_1743 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1749

Whoops! How did all of those get in there? You would think I was using this as an excuse to show off my calender.

(Here, n00bs! Educate yourselves on the wonder that is GUNDAM! I know I said I would but here’s all you need to know if you don’t want to click the link: GIANT ROBOTS!!!)

You can buy model building kits based off of pretty much any suit in any Gundam series ever. Gundam Plastic Models, or GUNPLA as the hardcore people say, are super fun to build and are really fun to pose. I have 5 kits in total, though most are in their respective boxes because I don’t want the cat to destroy them. Some day I’ll be able to display them. Some day…

So, first item on the list is the package. TO THE POST OFFICE!!

(Don’t you love the camera angle?)



SGJSKLHKLJDFHK;/GGF PACKAGE WAS NOT AT THE PHARMACY. Anyway, the rest of this day pretty much ended in failure. I did not get anything else on my list done because I was discouraged and then I went home. I watched some cool shows with my friends later on that night, though I forgot to document it. However! Here is a character from the show we watched. Major Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist!

The buff guy. Seriously, one of the coolest characters ever. He always finds a way to rip his uniform off and show everyone his muscles. There is a constant cloud of sparkles that follows him everywhere he goes. He’s trying to make the two other characters, Ed and Al, feel better because they were in the hospital. Naturally, the only way to do that was to inspire them with his impressive physique.

I did some art of him.




Sunday starts the same way that Saturday does. My own personal cat alarm clock needs to be fed in order to remain functional.

Aye, the world is cruel. They took me legs, Jim. They took me legs…

IMG_1732 IMG_1739

Apartment/Cat Junk. Can you see my Gundam calendar on the wall? I can.

A few of my friends and I decided it would be worth going to the grocery store in a mini-storm so we could purchase ingredients for a supper thing that we do sometimes.
Here are the three hooligans I travelled with:


la la la
Dafuq u lookin at
just kiddin! ohayou shelby-senpai!!


Simon ponders the mysteries of the universe while deciding whether or not he needs a cabbage.


Dede readies himself as we head back out into the storm.

On our way back we were facing the wind. Not much happened, though it was a bit of a sucky commute. Everyone went their separate ways once we got back, but only for a few hours while I prepped some food.

On today’s menu:


and weaponized cream of broccoli soup.


Dede could not make it because he had to work, but we saved him some left overs! WOO!

I forgot to document the rest of the day after that. I did snag this picture of Simon, though!


I think we watched David Blaine and some AFV after food. Everyone left at 10 though because I was tired and I’m a loser who goes to bed early.

Anywho! That concludes this weekend’s activities. It’s a common thing for us to get together like this and it’s awesome. They’re a fun crowd 😀

ALSO, just so nobody freaks out, the oven was not on when I put the cat inside. The little click that you heard was me turning on the light so we could see inside. Like the disclaimer at the beginning says, he was not harmed. He was in there for maybe 10 seconds before I let him out and smothered him in treats and hugs so he would forgive me. He’s a good little actor though! What a champ for putting up with this.

Thank you to Tara Audibert and Curtis Carey for letting me tell you about my weekend. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed reading! It was a cool thing to document, so I encourage anyone else who was thinking of participating to do so!

Also, thanks to everyone/everycat for making an appearance. You made this post so much better!


I’m hoping to get a table at Animaritimes this year. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it is the longest running nerdist/anime/videogames convention in the maritimes. I do believe it’s going to be my 7-8th year going but I’m not sure. Anyway, stop by my booth! Assuming I get into the artist’s alley. Yeah, you’ll recognize me by the Major Armstrong prints and things I will be selling. I do have a blog though I don’t exactly update it very often. However! if you want to see examples of my recent work AND/OR you are interested in commissioning some art from me, e-mail me at shelbobears@gmail.com and I shall send you all the info/prices. I accept paypal and EMT’s, but if you are going to Animaritimes then I can give you your art and you can give me $$$! WOO!

Blog: http://shelbobaggins.blogspot.ca/

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/shelbosartpage

Shelby Christie (°1993, Bathurst, Canada) is a Junior 3D artist who lives and works in Miramichi, New Brunswick. She enjoys watching Gundam, playing video games, drawing and hanging out with her siblings. She has one cat (née Big Redd) who has been affectionately nicknamed “Pronce”, after a Saturday Night Live skit where they make fun of Prince.  

After finishing three years of art/animation college at NBCC Miramichi, she found work at a mobile games studio called Egg Roll Digital Studios. They are currently in the middle of production on a game that they hope will make them real contenders in the mobile market.