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Twitch Drawing and Mug Raffle, Live!


Testing the new Streamlabs giveaway feature on twitch tonight. You just have to type a thing into the chat to enter. Then the robots will pick a winner during the stream. If you win, You’ll get a redeem code to use in the store for the mug! Printed on both sides. Exciting!
Setting up to start at 8:30atlantic time

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Let’s Draw! Sexy Dinosaurs!



It’s like a Podcast, with drawing, random made up songs and even some Fortnite fun! Sometimes I even Play some word games with the audience! That’s right! Both of the People in the audience! It can get pretty crazy.
Every week as often as I can: Live Streaming Illustrations, Animations, even some stop-motion Toy Fun! Sometimes animated friends stop by and that’s pretty magical! Come Join Pat and the SpaceGoonie for the dJoy of Drawing Dinosaur Heads on People!

And there’s some new Sexy Merch at the Store!


the LIVE STREAMing has Begun!

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 11.25.24 AM.pngClick here to Watch the First Stream Before it fades away.

LIVE STREAMing the NoSuchThingAsGrownUps has Begun! Follow on Twitch for the new Live Show. It’s like Morning Everybody… except live. So talking to cartoon characters is more insane and fun. It’s an Art-Stream! I’ll Draw, Stop motion toys, animate, and we’ll do some live streaming podcasts when we can! Fun. You can watch the first test stream now… but it doesn’t stay online for long.

Follow on Twitch and don’t miss out.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 11.27.29 AM.png


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Holiday Book and Art Shopping


Burke says I still have a pile of Poetry books. Vol. 1 and 2 ready to go. You can get it from the link below.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 6.20.51 AM.png

And you can always get some custom art commissions and more in the artshop

Happy Holidays!
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I made a Book!

Heart.jpegIllustration for “Star Worries”

I made a book of poems and drawings about dinosaurs, anxieties, sexy ladies, Batman, Starwars and more… so much more. I ordered a stack and now my new favorite thing to do is draw in somebody’s book before it gets to them. It’s like legal vandalism! The funnest kind of vandalism(it’s how you get that same feeling the president must get every time he congratulates himself for something horrible).

It’s called Anxieties and Happy Little Trees, because that’s what some of it is about…
It’s book 2 in the ‘Sometimes I rhyme Library’….and now I’m going to work on book 3. Please enjoy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 2.05.06 PM.png

Get Your copy of the book here





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M.E. 63: I hate Q-Bert

M.E. 63: I hate Q-Bert

This week we Talk about Classic Atari fun, fighting with cartoons, Pacman and Q-bert. Plus a classic Milo Cartoon!

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Want more? yeah ya’ do… and there is!

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Morning Everybody Montage!

A little Morning Everybody montage! WOOO!

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M.E. 60: Hunting Famous People

This week we draw some famous people and get hunted by Fanta! Plus some fun with Batman, Lisa Loeb, Rory Scovel and Jack Nicholson. Plus A visit form L’il Sam, Carrie, magic and more!

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Bears, Tattoos, Puppets and Cats

This Week we have a Tattoo, a Bloody Milo, a Bear that is a puppet, a penguin and some Fanta! Plus a Cartoon and More!
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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN ARTIST: Tara Audibert Freelance Illustrator

7:38am Wake up. Kiss Curtis good-bye and ponder about getting up and what I need to do today.

8:10am Get up and attend morning ablutions.

8:35am Go for run with Burke

Morning Run with Burke 
The long road behind me
The hole to hell? or under the bridge. Either way I am sure a troll lives here. He is also evil.
Hey! Who’s walking who here?
I live by a pipe plant. I thought this might be interesting. Some trucks. This is all in the middle of the woods. The rest of where I run is the woods.
Burke in a pipe!
Pipes and Sand
More pipes and sand.
Now this is art! I often just notice and photograph the beautiful arrangements of the pipe that these guys create! It is weird, but I have a huge collection of pipe photos like this. For no reason. I guess because it’s beautiful.
More pipe puppy
More pipes, seriously, this was not all the photos I took just on this day alone. I think I may have a problem.
We finished out run and I take a photo of us both every day we run and measure it with nike+ running app. This is another art project I am working on, and when I have a bunch like 100, I’ll put them all together and that should be cool. I think I have like 40 or so now.

9:15 Return from walk, do my circle exploration & checkout the garden. Check out this one and more of my explorations here

So everyday I collect a handful of white rocks from my driveway and pile it together and take a photo.
The circle was dispersed over the winter.
From afar
My tiny garden we started. I go check it out and we usually have something to pick each day.
Some cucumbers pretty ready! 🙂
Pumpkin flowers
This was just weird red things, I thought was weird.
Choppin’ broccoli! Choppin’ brocola-hay
watermelon, baby.
Checked out our koi pond, which has no koi, because someone (Burke) like to use it as a swimming pool!
getting some moss between our rocks. Today I watched moss grow. I don’t know if this is what this blog is all about, but…yes today I watch moss grow.

9:30am Eat Breakfast, Curtis made awesome green smoothie, which is red because of added raspberries so it tastes awesome!

IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1162

9:50am Find computer, clean desk, start artist for a day thing & Do an actual list of what I need to do today/this week.

10:00am Check emails, social stuff etc..

My desk, where all the magic takes place!


10:13am Watch RHWOC while I work on guest animating an episode of Illos animated podcast. Here is a little video of me animating something. It is not a spoiler, a bit dry, so I sped it up, that made the RWH way better!  also did some funny biz towards the end. 🙂 It took me a while to decide on the eyes for this scene. I am animating in a bit of an unorthodox way, just going with the feel, no storyboards or preproduction, so it takes longer. Save time and storyboard. I am just experimenting.

11:50am took Burke out to sunbathe and ate some lunch.

Burke soaking up some rays.

12:06pm Switched to Inking Comic pages. I do illustration for a couple comic companies and today I am working on an educational comic concerning Justice Centres on Native Reserves and what they can do to help people. This part a dog is run over. It is sad.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.44.46 PM

1:29pm Took a break. (computer crashed.)

2:11pm Took  duolingo break to practice some french. Great App! I feel more french already!

2:38pm Looked up print places for comics.

4:00pm Showered. Yeah I know it’s late.

4:20pm Started Supper

5:22pm WordPress learning. Learned s’more stuff I could do with WordPress.

6:00pm Curtis is home! YAY!!! We eat supper and talk about the day. Check out Curtis’ Day in the Life of an Artist Here

7:30pm Play outside with Burke.

Burke in the woods.

8:00pm Record our podcast! No Such Thing as Grown Ups. Just like this blog :0 This is us about to record episode 42: Comic Cons and Dog Resorts it is free and it is on iTunes and Stitcher and most anywhere you listen to podcasts. Plus it’s hilarious! and for geeks and artists and anybody who believes theirs no grown ups, or wants us to prove it, OR wants to survive the pre-apocalypse.

IMG_1459 IMG_1460 IMG_1461  IMG_1464

My Mic

9:30pm Listen to Curtis Edit the podcast.

This is our recording studio! We sit here when we record the show.

12:00am Go to bed. Good night everyone. I hope you enjoyed my day 😉

Tara Audibert is a freelance artist, working in comics, illustration, fine art, commissions, and co-hosts the podcast No Such Thing as Grown Ups with her partner Curtis Carey. They live in Sunny Corner, NB in their house Gianon the Fortress of Solitude.