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Video Friday- Garage Sale Tales Eps 3: He Said “It’s Why you Have to Put out Garbage”

From the creators of The Andy & Andy Show & Prepping with Puppets comes: Blanketfort Stories!

The real behind the scene stories of the garage sales you know and love, the weirdo’s the crazies and all the frustrations improvised true stories of seller’s and buyers woe.

IN this episode a seller tries to pass of garbage as deals! how rude! Watch and see how to survive garage sale garbage in Episode 3: He Said “It’s Why you Have to Put out Garbage”

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Video Friday: BlanketFort Stories Eps 2-Hard Bodies in the Fort

From the creators of The Andy & Andy Show & Prepping with Puppets comes: Blanketfort Stories! Each week Curtis & Tara choose from your 3 WORD comment suggestions to inspire a story, then they do an improv based on that story with LEGO PEOPLE! It’s very convoluted, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right away, you might still be pretending to be a grown up!

It’s OK though join us in our magical blanketfort for fun & watch us practice using our IMAGINATIONS 🙂 then you can pratice at home yourself.

IN this episode Keith & Jill tell the story of working with a female body builder who had an online trainer named Thor! Then a lego skit I will call: “If You Go Online and Someone will Send You a Naked Selfie.”

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*Blanketfort Stories is inspired by Illos Illustrated Podcast by Keith Dury Watch them here:

Illos on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkaHU7P1w2y5pRJV0MSS-Nw

Tara illustrated an episode called Phantom Jeans:



Listen to this weeks NEW NSTAGU Eps #79: Getting Naked in Prison

Season 2 The Andy and Andrew Show Binge Watch it all NOW!

All NEW Season 2 of The Andy & Andrew Show! Binge Watch them all now as our Extra Special Holiday present to You from Us!

Andy & Andrew are Artists who lived together as roommates and disagree on how to make art. This season everything has changed, Andy moves out and Andrew is forced to make his own way in the world. Then the murders start! What will happen to our artistic duo? WHo is the murderer and can they stop the madness in time! Also there’s a Super Extra Special Holiday Season Finale!

Season 2, Episode 1: Three’s a Party

Andy and Andrew are back in the most awaited Season Premiere. A twist filled episode with interventions, big moves and new friendships. Find out if Andrew can hold down a job, if Andy can live alone and who is Ass? And who is Chick? All on this very special episode of The Andy and Andrew Show: Season 2!

Season 2, Episode 2: Good in Business

Andy Warhol discovers artwork he actually likes by Andrew Warhol! How much do you have to be involved in art to make a million dollars? Do they live together? This is a very Special Episode dealing with social anxiety disorder in the artistic community.

Season 2, Episode 3: Artificial and Real

Do Andy and Andrew still live together? Who is the murderer? Is Andrew the murderer? Oh yeah, someone gets murdered!!!! All these questions and more will be asked and some will be answered on this very dramatic Hannibal inspired Special Episode of The Andy and Andrew Show!

Season 2, Episode 4: blank/Figment

Mystery is solved & the murderer reveals himself; is it Andrew? Will there be confusion based on the identical likenesses of Andy and Andrew involving the murder? What is the artistic merit of murder sculpture? Why does everyone want to use Andy’s washroom? These questions may be answered & Andy definitely threatens to kill Andrew, but it is definitely one of those very special to be continued episodes…

Season 2, Episode 5: Department Stores

Among all the dead bodies Andy attempts to explain what happened to the cops and calls for an investigation. After the police have gone for backup, Hamibal returns to display his art at the Art Show. As always if you want to learn about the process you’ll have to buy the book. ($79.99) In the style of Banksey the police decide that art is a crime! Will Graham definitely does not show up to solve the murder. Not starring David Duchovney. This is a very special episode. Does the art show get canceled? Will Andrew ever listen? Find out about all these killings and more!

Season 2, Episode 6: Notice the Dye

Andrew has been trying to be nice and not naughty for his friend Nick that he invites over for a very special Christmas dinner with Andy. Nick is very cool. Is he a Saint? Everyone always has to use the bathroom. Andrew turns out to be a part-time esthetician for Andy. Who is going to live with Nick? Will Christmas Dinner ever happen? Does the murderer still live in the basement? Well you won’t find out in this extra special holiday episode.

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Vid-ee-uh Friday: The Andy and Andrew Show Eps 6.- Lamenting

Andy and Andrew are artists and roommates. They disagree on how to make art and be artists.
In this episode: It’s bathtime for Andrew, but there’s a dragon in the way! Will Andy ever be able to have a bath??? Can Andy be a good enough roommate and help his friend? Find out all this and more on this very special episode!

Andy and Andrew is a puppet show by the No Such Thing As Grownups, which is actually Tara Audibert and Curtis Carey. http://www.nosuchthingasgrownups.com/

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Vid-ee-uh Friday! The Andy and Andrew Show Eps. 5 “Ladies & Gents”

Andrew is ready to shower…everything. And as per usual Andy won’t let him be creative! Why is Andy Warhol constantly getting in the way of ART??? Watch and find out!

If you missed an episode, get caught up now! Season 2 is on it’s way!

Eps 1. The Art Couple

Eps 2. Plants

Eps 3. Soup Suite

Eps. 4 Pop Swabs