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We have all the answers! Is itunes is making it hard to like music, and was Entourage the movie really a movie? Mark Whalburg is the Rich and the Pants-less. How to make your neighbors move away. Where are the dogs? Going to war with a facebook community. Autism and Asperger’s tests and diagnosis. Plus how to become Hannibal. I am food?

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#TBT The Curtis and Tara Show Eps 34: Dropping the Eggrolls


In the beginning there was no No Such Thing as Grown Ups, no Burke and no Gianon the Fortress of Solitude, only the constant conversation between two animators with microphones talking to the world. Listen to how it all began, every Thursday, in a Lord of the Rings length journey, where we search for our mantra and throw grown ups to the fiery pits of Mordor when we conclude that there’s NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS. 

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No Such Thing as Blog Rants: Morning Paradox by Curtis Carey

When you listen to a radio station because it just plays music you like and doesn't have commercials. But every few songs a guy doing a weird "radio voice" breaks in and says, "Normally there would be a commercial here, but we don't do that... Etc. etc." then tells me what station I'm listening to even though it's saved on my computer. He doesn't know or care that I saved it and I don't care about the name at all. So much so, that I can't remember it and I'm listening to the station right now.

Regardless the only commercial is to remind me...that there are no commercials at all. Not even one. 
Except one. Now I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad. 
Sometimes you do feel like listening to music that isn't on your iPod. My iPod never interrupts me to remind me that, "you are listening to your own music", and reminds me of my own name... and throws in some letters that are meaningless to me. 

Of course, somebody did take the time to put together music I like and play it all day and night long. They do deserve credit for doing that. Some people like to pass on "thankyous" and just yell their name at you instead.

I guess that's what Disney's Aladdin taught us: Yes, yes you can have your wishes granted, but there will also be a Genie there to yell at you about the fact that you have your wish. 
"Hey friend... You know what's great about that free ice cream and that Bleechers song you like? 
Well, me and the time I gave them to you 35 seconds ago." Like a friend that gives you food they don't eat just so they can watch you eat it. That's weird... But free fried chicken? 

King of Queens teaches us that same lesson. You can wish for hot wife every day and night, that is magically okay with you being lazy and gross in her eyes. Granted but the genie will yell at you and remind you that she is a magic wish she grants to you and oh yeah, "you're garbage King of Queens." Genies are mean and crazy by nature.

The Bible probably says so something about that show I dream of Genie too... The point is that we never seem to know that we're enjoying something, unless we are reminded that we don't need to be reminded to enjoy ourselves. 
Or are threatened with the reminder that the other stations/people/restaurants/etc. are basically out to destroy me with their similar product. 
"It's a good thing you have a friend like me Al or else you might have been abused by another radio station."

Well, thank you internet radio station Genies, but I'm not good with names.
That's kind of why I keep coming back, I can't remember the names of bands or songs I've heard on the radio, so I can get them later and put on my iPod.

My phone, on the other hand, does remind me that it's a phone while I'm trying to listen to music.

So the paradoxes continue again for another morning, as paradoxes tend to do.

Just keep in mind that: This blog post will not bother you with a commercial for the new Meligrove Band album called Bones Of Things which is available now. As well as a video game called Bones of Things: the Meligrove game featuring an exclusive 8bit version of a track from the new album by Jason Nunes of the Meligrove Band!
I personally made the game for your iPad and iPhone. So enjoy it for free!

This blog will never do that sort of thing. But it will remind you that it will never do that as often as it remembers to.

Next Song.

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Curtis Carey is the co-host of No Such Thing as Grown Ups Podcast. In his spare time he stop motions TMNT figurines on Vine, draws comics and animates videos about a diabetic cat MILO, he is also the art director at Eggroll Digital Studios making games for your phones like NSTAGU 7 Minutes 2 Survive!