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Under The Sea with M.E. 67.

Sometimes you put a bunch of time and effort into making a thing, just because you really wanted to try something different. Then you put it out into a world that’s already full of things. A few people are entertained and It doesn’t matter.  I’ll still make another one next week while I spend my money on a home I Don’t live in. Waiting for it to sell and set my life back on a less wasteful route where making pointless videos won’t feel like a waste of my time and money. I love doing them. And I won’t stop no matter how invisible and stupid they are.
Just, so sick of selling a stupid house that eats so much of my creative energy just by existing,
practically invisible but I know it’s there,
Like Kevin McCalister’s Furnace.
So I make a little show… to like, hate, or share.

This week’s dumb video is…Sharks, Stopmotion, Animation, Stories and Cats! It’s Underwater Adventure Time This Week! With Special Thanks to Sam Davis and Carrie Duffy!!

#animation #Sharks #Stopmotion

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