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nosuchthingasgrownups 189

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This Week we recorded live on Twitch! Talking about teaching scary lessons with 3d Tom Hanks. Locking up Bill Cosby so women can take over the world? Handmaiden’s tales. Movies made by focus groups and too many origin stories. Tara’s saddest art jobs.
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A well Full of Catfish and a Cat with a Gun.

NSTAGU155: Well full of Catfish

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This Week we talk about Lying to Max and Catfishing ourselves. A sarcasm button in 2017. Communication for introverts and how to communicate in an extrovert world. Tara Talks Men’s Rights? Pre-thinking all your thoughts and setting up schemes.
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M.E. 60: Hunting Famous People

This week we draw some famous people and get hunted by Fanta! Plus some fun with Batman, Lisa Loeb, Rory Scovel and Jack Nicholson. Plus A visit form L’il Sam, Carrie, magic and more!

#Fanta #Animation #Cartoons #Drawing

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95: Studying for Aspergers Tests No Such Thing As grown Ups Podcast


We have all the answers! Is itunes is making it hard to like music, and was Entourage the movie really a movie? Mark Whalburg is the Rich and the Pants-less. How to make your neighbors move away. Where are the dogs? Going to war with a facebook community. Autism and Asperger’s tests and diagnosis. Plus how to become Hannibal. I am food?

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82: Feminism and Fury Road is all about Vaginas NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS PODCAST


This week we talk about the fact that our title does not mean we want to be kids, cleaning up your area, Mad Max and running the Fury Road, Cheese-less cheesecake and lies for your own good, our Koi koiless Pond, playing god, the fact that robots and aliens are pretty much screwed on this planet, which brings us of course to feminism! and other horrors like THX and Wayward Pines with Matt Dillon! We will be at Animaritime 2015 in Fredricton NB June 26-28th

Music by Brad Sucks