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Our Newest Spoof Webseries starts THIS FRIDAY! “Blanketfort Stories”

We’ve got our newest Webseries coming out THIS FRIDAY May 1, 2015!!! Blanketfort Stories! 


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Here’s some of our past Webseries to tickle your funnybone:

Prepping with Puppets

The Andy & Andrew Show Season 1 & 2

Action Figure Theatre

 Milo the Handsomest Cat

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Are you a Non Grown Up? Do you want to Never Grow Up? Hey! What’s it like to Draw Cartoons & make Video Games for a living? What do you do now that you know Grown Ups don’t exist? We know the answers!
We’re crazy Canucks Curtis & Tara; we don’t believe in grown ups & we’ll tell you the truths behind the lies of pretend grown ups! Weekly podcast, comics, rants, & videos to help you Live Life to the Fullest while Preparing for the Worst, most likely the zombie apocalypse. Don’t worry, we will still have all the FREE weekly stuff:

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