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Andy and Andrew Season 3 is HERE!!

It’s Finally Here and it’s crazier than a Pineapple, a Pen, an apple, and another pen! There’s New Murders, New Babies, New House, Giant Bananas, Nick and more!
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Episode 1 – Banana Room

Episode 2 – Not Our Baby

Episode 3 – Clean Up Artist


And Here’s the official Season 3 trailer!



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Bears, Tattoos, Puppets and Cats

This Week we have a Tattoo, a Bloody Milo, a Bear that is a puppet, a penguin and some Fanta! Plus a Cartoon and More!
#Fanta #Penguin #Cats #Illustration #Tattoos

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Our Newest Spoof Webseries starts THIS FRIDAY! “Blanketfort Stories”

We’ve got our newest Webseries coming out THIS FRIDAY May 1, 2015!!! Blanketfort Stories! 


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Here’s some of our past Webseries to tickle your funnybone:

Prepping with Puppets

The Andy & Andrew Show Season 1 & 2

Action Figure Theatre

 Milo the Handsomest Cat

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Video Friday: Seasone Finale The Andy and Andrew Show: Notice the Dye

Andrew has been trying to be nice and not naughty for his friend Nick that he invites over for a very special Christmas dinner with Andy. Nick is very cool. Is he a Saint? Everyone always has to use the bathroom. Andrew turns out to be a part-time aesthetician for Andy. Who is going to live with Nick? Will Christmas Dinner ever happen? Does the murderer still live in the basement? Well you won’t find out in this extra special HOLIDAY EPISODE.

As always, Andy and Andrew are brought to you by the fabulous folks behind the No Such Thing As Grownups Podcast (that’s Curtis and Tara to you). They are geniuses, this is their world, and we just live in it. http://www.nosuchthingasgrownups.com/

Season 2 Episode 6 Season Finale

As always, Andy and Andrew are brought to you by the fabulous folks behind the No Such Thing As Grownups Podcast (that’s Curtis and Tara to you). They are geniuses, this is their world, and we just live in it.’-Mike Valiquestte


Listen to this weeks NEW NSTAGU Eps #77: I Hope You Fail at So Many Things

This week in NSTAGU we did a lot TMNT styles!

Here is a recap for anything you missed this week! we did a lot of stuff! Check it out!

Plus BONUS Tara & Burke Runs (with Animoto stupid watermark, be fore-warned)

AND we were Special Guests (cause you just can’t get enough of us) on this weeks NERD RAGE OVER 9000 Listen here all our TMNT & Juggalo Fans:


WHEW! Now it’s time to PARTY!!! Tell us what you think, leave us a comment, we love hearing from our fans and our ENEMIES! (Keep em’ close)

#TBT The Curtis & Tara Show 51: Curtis does Bar Aerobics


In the beginning there was no No Such Thing as Grown Ups, no Burke and no Gianon the Fortress of Solitude, only the constant conversation between two animators with microphones talking to the world. Listen to how it all began, every Thursday, in a Lord of the Rings length journey, where we search for our mantra and throw grown ups to the fiery pits of Mordor when we conclude that there’s NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS. 

Listen to this weeks NSTAGU Eps #66: Secrets of Haven with Special Guest Keith Dury in case you missed it

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Video Friday! Prepping with Puppets Part IV- Be More Like Jeff Goldblum

Prepping with Puppets is a multipart series exploring prepping tips from puppets Curtis & Tara. In Part 4 they reveal the real secret to surviving the Apocalypse! Watch and Subscribe!

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