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We finally talk to a real therapist about the secret to happiness and life! @QuadFatherMft Tells us about UFC, morning coffee, and how to be be married. Plus, your kid’s youtube popularity and other helpful parenting tips! You can have kids and still be a Non-Grown Up and the QuadFather tells us how! Check out more of the Quadcast here: http://quadfathermft.com/

We will be at Animaritime 2015 in Fredricton NB June 26-28th signing comics & art! Stop by and say Hi!

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#66 Secrets of Haven with our Special Guest Keith Dury NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS PODCAST

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 8.49.26 AM

He’s BAAAAACKKKK! That’s right, you’ve downloaded his first guest appearance thousands of times, so he is back my little NGU’s and let me say he is HILARIOUS! Listen for yourself, as Keith Dury creator of Illos Illustrated Podcast tells you all the TV secrets of working on Haven, Keith knows someone who dies!!! We bring him on as a soldier of fortune in our war against American Podcasters The Quadcast Podcast. And we preform William Shatner Theatre. If that’s not enough there’s a Dingle Tower and Santa Boners…

Check out the Latest episode of Illos: Phantom Jeans- guest animated by our very own Tara Audibert!!!

WAIT there’s MORE we also recorded a whole full length AFTERSHOW with Keith Dury that you can get on PATREON!!! What’s that? Well CLICK HERE and find out, we made a funny video to tell you!

Title 65: Hot Wife Showdown NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS


This week we have some hilarious Podcast Wars with the Quadcast and judge their wives! Cool moms & Dads, Batman the Dark Knight Rises, Interns from Korra, Shu-lee’s, Secret Canadians, finding your Happy Button, and Part 1 of our Manifesto!

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64: Cocks in All- it’s French for Ladybug NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS PODCAST


Say Ladybug in French 5 times fast-(Coccinelle) hehe -pervert! Its a brand new episode! We talk about our BPFF’s The Quadcast Podcast and how they got their name after much s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ sleuthing! Mixing up words, remember that movie The American Movie? & Coven, Town of the Dead and making your mark in the world,  quadriplegic, celebrity apprentices, your period, Bill & Rudy Cosby, Dr. Melissa Wests, Yoga and our Patreon!!!

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62: Dying Makes it Better NO SucH ThinG as GroWn uPs PodcasT


Now that you know there are no grown ups, how can you survive? You can’t tell the teacher, you can’t tell your mom, what can you do, well listen here and we’ll tell you! Ohana means “Don’t make me come back there!!!” We go off the grid, and talk Thinking & Growing Rich, REAL New Years Resolutions, Self Help Books, shock treatment & autism speaks, drinking at Disneyland with our Quadcast friends, moose crossings, Canadian things and other junk!

Music by Brad Sucks

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61: Everyone in Portland is a NGU. NO SuCH ThInG aS gRoWn UpS pOdCasT


It’s a whole NEW YEAR 2015! but this was recorded way back in 2014! Travel Back in Time to a few days ago  last year where we talked about dog who clean themselves like cats, what goes on in Portland, Jesus & the Matrix, how to keep your socks white, Amish winters and you should have bought it when you saw it at Mardens! Also radio Shack Theatre our friends at Quadcast and so much more!

Music by Brad Sucks

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58: As Long as it’s about Christmas, that’s what Christmas is about NO SUcH THInG AS GROwN UpS PODCAsT


It’s that time of the season for hand puppet sandwiches! We’ve got sarcastic xmas songs, we judge holiday lights, The National Post-Curtis is in it with his new Meligrove Band Video Game! QUADCAST QUADCAST QUADCAST our partners in non-grown up podcast crimes made us and awesome spot, light up for Jesus, and everybody is super rich…even you find out how right now & LISTEN www.nosuchthingasgrownups.com

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