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Video Friday- Garage Sale Tales Eps 3: He Said “It’s Why you Have to Put out Garbage”

From the creators of The Andy & Andy Show & Prepping with Puppets comes: Blanketfort Stories!

The real behind the scene stories of the garage sales you know and love, the weirdo’s the crazies and all the frustrations improvised true stories of seller’s and buyers woe.

IN this episode a seller tries to pass of garbage as deals! how rude! Watch and see how to survive garage sale garbage in Episode 3: He Said “It’s Why you Have to Put out Garbage”

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NSTAGU Live & In person at the East Cost Comic Expo this Saturday!

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ECCE Saturday May 16th, 2015 

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We will be LIVE & In person at the ECCE this Saturday! Come on down and check out our art, prints, comics, books and more! Just stop by and say Hi we’d love to see ya!  We’ve got tons of free NSTAGU Swag too!

If you can’t make it you can always get our comics from our website, or download the ebooks! or sponsor the show and get signed copies & artwork it’s all here:


Listen to this weeks NEW NSTAGU Eps #80: Perfect Stranger Danger

Cosmic Comic Tuesday- Bara & Turke: Night Pukes

CBook01B004a CBook01B004b

It’s Comic Tuesday with a special sneak preview from our Comic No Such Thing as Grown Ups: Book One Available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu or download today as an ebook