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A Day in the Life of an Artist-Tara Audibert Film Maker, Comic Artist & Podcaster

Hi! My name is Tara Audibert, I earn my living as an artist. Welcome to my day!

I have worked in TV animation for more than a decade and am currently working on my own film funded through the Canadian Counsil for the Arts and NBarts entitled “The Importance of Dreaming”. I have taught animation for many years and continue to work as a freelance illustrator & consultant for comics. I co-host the podcast No Such Thing as Grown Ups, and we promote indie artists like ourselves through showcasing A Day in the Life of an Artist. We make funny videos and web series so Subscribe to our Youtube.

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Tara Audibert is an artist, film maker, comic illustrator, consultant, and just a Jill of all Trades. She co-hosts the podcast No Such Thing as Grown Ups with her spouse Curtis Carey from Sunny Corner, NB, Canada where they also make Animations, Finger Puppet Sitcoms, Prepping with Puppets,comics, poetry books, children’s books and so much more! www.nosuchthingasgrownups.com

And you can be an artist for a Day too! Are you an indie artist who wants to record and show off your day? Well we’d love to promote it! Write to us and we will set it up! nosuchthingasgronwups@gmail.com 

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Call for Artists-Share a Day in Your Life

Each week we like to feature A Day in the Life of an Artist and we are currently looking for more artists! If you are an artist of any medium and would like to share your day with our audience, send us an email and we will set it up! 


You can present your day in any way you like, photos, video, interpretive dance… it just has to be able to go on our blog. You can link to your artwork and promote anything you like as well, you are the artist so how you think your day should be presented is up to you.

Check out some of our past artists who bravely put our their days:



Emily Stride-Indie Comics Artist


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.09.54 AM

Jon Lambe- 3D Generalist



Caity Hall-Illustrator & Animation Student


Human! You are choking me!
Human! You are choking me!

Shelby Christie-3D Artist



Tharaka Ransinge- Freelance Artist/Animator



Daniel Szilagyi-Artist & VCAD Instructor


2014-04-23 14.41.45 

Eva Blaquiere-Video Game Art Student



Chrissi Harper-Animator



Josie Cable-Rouselle-Carpenter by Day/Animator by Night


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.04.45 AM

Aleksander Kristensen-Animation Student


photo 1 (4)

Amanda Hildeshiem-Animator



Tomas Patlan- Animator

Artists are an elusive bunch, and sometimes misunderstood. We lead very different lives on the outskirts of society only showing finished products of our labors, and so it can be fun to see what it is like for just one day in the life of an artist. Usually informative and interesting, seeing the day through the eyes of an artist is always beautiful!