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Hey Artists! Time’s almost up

Hey Artists! It’s a fun art contest with Prizes! Doodle, Sketch, Scribble, Sulpt and Scratch. The deadline is almost here! Click below to join in and scroll down to see some of the entries.


This amazing morning Everybody finger pointing was entered by Tara Audibert!



A Classic Curtis and Milo by L’il Sam!…


…and this Milo The Catboy is By Shelby Christie! Fantastic!



There’s more to see and you can join in too!
Just go to:

Also Watch Morning EveryBody!
Every Week! Winners will be announced on the show!

Video Friday- BlanketFort Stories Eps 6: Too Many Cooks in the Fort

From the creators of The Andy & Andy Show & Prepping with Puppets comes: Blanketfort Stories! Each week Curtis & Tara choose from your 3 WORD comment suggestions to inspire a story, then they do an improv based on that story with LEGO PEOPLE! It’s very convoluted, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right away, you might still be pretending to be a grown up!

It’s OK though join us in our magical blanketfort for fun & watch us practice using our IMAGINATIONS 🙂 then you can pratice at home yourself.

IN this episode Keith & Jill tell the story of how following recipes is hard! So GROSS! then we improv a story of lego parents who much tell their child she/he is really a deer! Featuring the Cop from the LEGO MOVIE!!! Don’t tell lego! shhhhh! It’s a Skit I like to call “I’ll hire a maid before I’ll cook my own supper.”

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*Blanketfort Stories is inspired by Illos Illustrated Podcast by Keith Dury Watch them here:

Illos on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkaHU7P1w2y5pRJV0MSS-Nw

Tara illustrated an episode called Phantom Jeans:

And you can practice boycotting things your parents bring you to, too kids! Just follow our wordpress so you never miss out, we have a surprise for you everyday!

63: Polyamorous, it’s not a problem NO Such Thing as Grown Ups Podcast


You can do anything and we can help! Let us cheer on your late night shopping and condom hole poking. We talk about our newest stalking victims at Quadcast Podcast, and we ask a lot of questions about games, then we tell alot of thngs about games…it;s weird. There’s 2 Skits! and Curtis does his Obama impression, plus so much more! Listen and Subscribe!

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