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M.E. 63: I hate Q-Bert

M.E. 63: I hate Q-Bert

This week we Talk about Classic Atari fun, fighting with cartoons, Pacman and Q-bert. Plus a classic Milo Cartoon!

#Atari #Ripley #8Bit #Pacman #Animation

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NSTAGU130: How Everything Works. Every Thing.


This week we talk about not bringing back hating, Grocery store wine connoisseurs and Improvised fun. Being yourself versus being your best version of yourself. Planning your life. Hold it in for three dates and demanding dicks on demand. Time warps into the future. Comedy has become news and the News is a joke. The Naked man in the terrifying world and pre-second guessing. Everybody wants to pound you. As you wish princess and how everything works. Bitch! You don’t know me! So back up until further notice.

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89: Baby Tweets are Important NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS PODCAST


Baby-shaming Babies on twitter! Wedding rings are magic and everything is integrated! Plus Rape is still not cool, and dead babies are still sad! Bathing suits, Burkas, shaming and so much more! Also start Designing the Future with Jacques Fresco!

Everything has too many buttons!

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Video Fridays: Blanketfort Stories Eps 5: OH Henry Poops in the Fort [Special After Dark edition]

From the creators of The Andy & Andy Show & Prepping with Puppets comes: Blanketfort Stories! Each week Curtis & Tara choose from your 3 WORD comment suggestions to inspire a story, then they do an improv based on that story with LEGO PEOPLE! It’s very convoluted, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right away, you might still be pretending to be a grown up!

It’s OK though join us in our magical blanket fort for fun & watch us practice using our IMAGINATIONS 🙂 then you can pratice at home yourself.

IN this episode Keith & Jill tell the story of how your poop gets into movies! So GROSS! then we improv a story of a lego man who has been hoarding ‘OH Henry’ bars for years and the cops must intervene! Featuring the Cop from the LEGO MOVIE!!! Don’t tell lego! shhhhh! It’s a Skit I like to call “Does your poop smell like roses?”

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*Blanketfort Stories is inspired by Illos Illustrated Podcast by Keith Dury Watch them here:

Illos on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkaHU7P1w2y5pRJV0MSS-Nw

Tara illustrated an episode called Phantom Jeans:

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Pink Line Up

How many bottles of salt water can I drink at the dollar store? Find out in the dollar store drug section with the lady who runs Pepsi corp! Speaking of cash-register panic and shampoo scams, it’s time for Lizzie Borden to swing some axes on your TV and into your heart… with love!
Skits, tips, tricks and more.

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Video Friday- The Andy and Andrew Show: The Artificial and Real

Do Andy and Andrew still live together? Who is the murderer? Is Andrew the murderer? Oh yeah, someone gets murdered!!!! All these questions and more will be asked and some will be answered on this very dramatic Hannibal inspired Special Episode of The Andy and Andrew Show!

Season 2 Episode 3

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Listen to this weeks NSTAGU Eps #71: Relationship Status-Grey

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64: Cocks in All- it’s French for Ladybug NO SUCH THING AS GROWN UPS PODCAST


Say Ladybug in French 5 times fast-(Coccinelle) hehe -pervert! Its a brand new episode! We talk about our BPFF’s The Quadcast Podcast and how they got their name after much s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ sleuthing! Mixing up words, remember that movie The American Movie? & Coven, Town of the Dead and making your mark in the world,  quadriplegic, celebrity apprentices, your period, Bill & Rudy Cosby, Dr. Melissa Wests, Yoga and our Patreon!!!

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