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Video Friday- Garage Sale Tales Eps 3: He Said “It’s Why you Have to Put out Garbage”

From the creators of The Andy & Andy Show & Prepping with Puppets comes: Blanketfort Stories!

The real behind the scene stories of the garage sales you know and love, the weirdo’s the crazies and all the frustrations improvised true stories of seller’s and buyers woe.

IN this episode a seller tries to pass of garbage as deals! how rude! Watch and see how to survive garage sale garbage in Episode 3: He Said “It’s Why you Have to Put out Garbage”

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Cosmic Comic Tuesday: “Dawing on You: Too Close for Comfort ” webcomic, Featuring Canadian Indie Comic Artist Emily Stride

Want to know what it’s like to live in a world where you are not “normal”. That’s what it’s like for our teen hero Gwen Attler. She is definitely NOT “normal”. She sees monsters and they are all around us, everywhere.

Follow her continuing story as she deals with all the regular trials and tribulations of becoming an adult, with the added bonus of seeing Monsters no one else can see!










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Emily Stride

When not fussy over action figures or finding the perfect spot for a blanket fort, Emily works on her original urban fantasy comic series “Dawning on You” and her fan comics which mostly involves robots, feels and plot twists.
After graduating from NBCC Miramichi’s Animation and Graphics course-where she met Tara, Curtis and many other amazing artist-she moved back to the Annapolis Valley and dreams of becoming a Storyboard Artist, or a Super hero.
Contact Emily via emilystride42@gmail.com or though her Deviant Art account littlemissskuld.deviantart.com

And guess who shows up later on…

dawning_on_you_pg_210_by_littlemissskuld-d8l25mn (1)

dawning_on_you_pg_230_by_littlemissskuld-d8tvaph (1)

It’s is Curtis & Tara, hosts of the hilarious Podcast No Such Thing as Grown Ups & MILO!!!

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Cosmic Comic Tuesday: “Sleep Talk” Featuring Non-Grown Up Indie Comic Artist Jill Fogarty!

A Short Story by Jill Fogarty based on true events




Find out what happens next CLICK HERE


Jill Fogarty is a Canadian animator/comic creator currently studying to be an art teacher in Newfoundland. She is also the one of the co-creators of Illos Illustrated Podcast, the inspiration for our NSTAGU LIVE action Spoof-“Blanketfort Stories”.

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Vid-ee-uh Friday: The Pharaoh Has No Clothes

Check out this animatic by Tara Audibert for The Pharaoh has no clothes! Life lessons for teaching artists. Leave us a comment we’d love to hear what you think!

WARNING: May contain stickmen naughty bits.