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Under The Sea with M.E. 67.

Sometimes you put a bunch of time and effort into making a thing, just because you really wanted to try something different. Then you put it out into a world that’s already full of things. A few people are entertained and It doesn’t matter.  I’ll still make another one next week while I spend my money on a home I Don’t live in. Waiting for it to sell and set my life back on a less wasteful route where making pointless videos won’t feel like a waste of my time and money. I love doing them. And I won’t stop no matter how invisible and stupid they are.
Just, so sick of selling a stupid house that eats so much of my creative energy just by existing,
practically invisible but I know it’s there,
Like Kevin McCalister’s Furnace.
So I make a little show… to like, hate, or share.

This week’s dumb video is…Sharks, Stopmotion, Animation, Stories and Cats! It’s Underwater Adventure Time This Week! With Special Thanks to Sam Davis and Carrie Duffy!!

#animation #Sharks #Stopmotion

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Dog Naps with a side of Snuggle-fries.

Every day at around 11:30am the dog tries to take a nap while I try to make art and videos.

I used to think that before his nap,  he was trying to let me know he had to go outside to pee in the yard. Now I know that’s not the case.

He would stare, or try to grab my hand and take me to what I though was the door. Sometimes he does a little silent bark, like a little finigin sock puppet. Regardless, he was just never really satisfied with whatever I thought he was thinking.

I eventually figured out that no matter how old he gets, he still just wants to use me as a pillow like he did when he was a tiny puppy.

He’ll jump up on the couch. Try to find a comfy place for a minute. Then jump down and come stare at me and occasionally look at the couch. As if to say, “The couch is broken, please fix it.” So I do. It’s the easiest thing to fix in the world. So easy that I can fix it with my butt.

He jumps up on the couch that I fixed by sitting on it and in less than 2 minutes, starts snoring with his eyes open until he is completely asleep. I wish I could could say it’s a huge inconvenience. But it’s the best way to think about what I’m going to have for lunch.

It is also the best way to accidentally fall asleep in the middle of the day. Which can be a huge inconvenience. Some people might also think that stopping to smell the roses is an inconvenient waste of time. I find that inconvenient times are the times when stories start, or you have time to think about the stories that are already happening.

Either way, this particular rose smells like popcorn farts today.

This week’s Video that we made between naps is, A Labyrinth for Christmas. Which you can Watch now.


This week in NSTAGU we did a lot TMNT styles!

Here is a recap for anything you missed this week! we did a lot of stuff! Check it out!

Plus BONUS Tara & Burke Runs (with Animoto stupid watermark, be fore-warned)

AND we were Special Guests (cause you just can’t get enough of us) on this weeks NERD RAGE OVER 9000 Listen here all our TMNT & Juggalo Fans:


WHEW! Now it’s time to PARTY!!! Tell us what you think, leave us a comment, we love hearing from our fans and our ENEMIES! (Keep em’ close)

Video Friday: NSTAGU funny Patreon Video

This Friday’s Video is one we made for our brand spanking new PATREON PAGE! What’s that all about? Who knows, just watch this video, cause it’s funny, you will also find out stuff about Patreon, but mostly there is a puppy and us being stoopid so I think you’ll enjoy it!


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