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Vid-ee-uh Friday: Prepping with Puppets Part 3: Going Number 2

Prepping with Puppets is a multipart series exploring prepping tips from puppets Curtis & Tara. In Part 3 they discuss going number 2 and the delicate twists around preparing for the unimaginable!

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Vid-ee-uh Friday: Prepping with Puppets Part 2: Conserving Food

Prepping with Puppets is the puppet Survival Guide to the Apocalypse. Join Curtis and Tara as they give you step by step instructions on Conserving Food during the End of Days.

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Vid-ee-uh Fridays: Prepping with Puppets-Saving your Pets

Our newest webseries “PREPPING WITH PUPPETS!” We’ll help you step by step with all your prepping needs in this new series from the creators of “The Curtis & Tara Show” and “No Such Thing as Grown Ups”

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