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Cosmic Comic Tuesday: “Therapeutic Progress Journal ” Featuring Canadian Indie Comic Artist Peter Guindon

These are a few pages from a large compilation of comics and sketches from the “Therapeutic Progress Journal” Sketchbook Snippets from 2004-2015 by Peter Guindon.





roachAbout Peter Guindon

Before perverting the world in the pages of Cinema Sewer, Peter grew up in idyllic suburban Ottawa, acquired a BFA at the University of Windsor followed by an animation certificate at Algonquin. He spent the early to mid 2000s working as a professional animator until the Canadian 2D animation industry was gutted by lack of funding and slave labour overseas, and then resorted to menial labour in order to make ends meet. He wallowed in self-pity for a couple of years until he decided to re-invent his life. In 2010, he packed his belongings and moved to Asia to teach whilst trying to find fresh opportunities to showcase his artwork. He is taking in a new culture learning a new language and meeting new people. Peter Guindon heartily recommends stark lifestyle and geographical shifts for those failing to realize their passion in their current abyss. As for his work, Peter says, “I am inspired by the artwork of Bosch, Breughel, and George Tooker. I am also visually inspired by 1920s fashion, medieval architecture and regalia, as well as modern day smog-filled skies and devastated landscapes. I believe my works offer glimpses of all of these influences to a certain degree.”

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Cosmic Comic Tuesday: “Sleep Talk” Featuring Non-Grown Up Indie Comic Artist Jill Fogarty!

A Short Story by Jill Fogarty based on true events




Find out what happens next CLICK HERE


Jill Fogarty is a Canadian animator/comic creator currently studying to be an art teacher in Newfoundland. She is also the one of the co-creators of Illos Illustrated Podcast, the inspiration for our NSTAGU LIVE action Spoof-“Blanketfort Stories”.

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